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DESCRIPTION: I had the privilege of screening all the eight movies selected as entries for this year's MetroManila Film Festival. Even at the start, there was already controversy.

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Star wars. Heard on the Radyo Inquirer program “Kliq Showbiz” (dzIQ AM, DEKADA AWARDEES (from left): Ara Mina, Cherry Pie Picache, Iza Calzado, Judy “Oh, I love this night,” Alfred Vargas (“Supremo”) muttered to himself as he . Dec 27, For the past two decades Joanna Ampil has been a theater star, hailed in the in Zig Dulay's Bagahe and Iza Calzado in Jerrold Tarog's Bliss), Ampil gives the . There are even others who muttered, "What's the big deal?. Mila Merande is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Mila Merande and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.

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I had the privilege of screening all the eight movies selected as entries for this year's MetroManila Film Festival. Even at the start, there was already controversy. With the overhaul again of this year's Executive Committee came the rain of fire and brimstone due to the noticeable elimination of certain personalities identified as the reformists of the festival mounted the year before.

For indeed, was a very different year for the annual fiesta of Philippine movies: This unpreparedness translated into far much smaller box office receipts. Yes, the numbers Iza Calzado Mutter starb hit the hundreds of millions but not enough by certain standards.

Although there was a relatively decent gross at the end of an abbreviated festival, the numbers did not come even close to the record breaking when the total amount Iza Calzado Mutter starb by the eight entries grossed over a billion pesos. And to put Iza Calzado Mutter starb bluntly, business is business. Movie making is a multi-million peso business. So is owning chains of theater outlets. Christmas is that specific time Iza Calzado Mutter starb the year when people have extra cash and kids, most especially to spend on entertainment.

In our country, Christmas is a good time I do not think a P to now close to P per ticket is something easily affordable to somebody earning a salary on the minimum wage scale. The masa sets aside their Christmas money to watch the movie of their choice but perhaps one Iza Calzado Mutter starb at most two of the festival offerings.

There is great purpose, sense of mission and nobility in the crusade to reform and redirect the festival into a showcase of the best of Filipino movies. This is most especially after the Best Iza Calzado Mutter starb Category became tantamount to the Top Grosser among the entries.

The commercialization of the December film festival has always been there because it was still the Dolphy, Vic Sotto and other lighthearted films which bagged the top position in terms of earnings. But now commercialism has become more blatant, more in your face It should be made clear that the movie business is not only ruled by producers who create and market the products and content.

It is more controlled if not dictated upon by movie theater owners who call the shots as to what movies may be shown or how long they will stay on the screen. What applies here is the law of supply and demand. The greater the number of people flocking to your movie, the more cinemas you will get to accommodate the swelling crowd. And when Iza Calzado Mutter starb film does not deliver the numbers, so sorry That is Iza Calzado Mutter starb the producer is confronted with the fact that yes, that is business which is what the MetroManila Film Iza Calzado Mutter starb is all about.

But there is also an urgent need to address the issue of giving a chance Iza Calzado Mutter starb other films not to be pulled out of cinemas all that easily. Iza Calzado Mutter starb an opening day screening cannot be justice to enough to be tugged out of your venue just because one or two of the entries turned out to be juggernauts.

That is why Iza Calzado Mutter starb movies are not showing in the provinces not because the MMFF is unfair in its distribution but because theater owners choose not to show the likes of Larawan or Siargao and opt to ride on Iza Calzado Mutter starb bandwagon of The Revenger Squad, Panday or Meant to Bae.

These are the crowd drawers and the movie houses do not only want but need the crowds. T here is nothing illegal about that: However all this does not say much about boosting the quality of Filipino movies or defining what is the true value of success in cinema. This is exactly what the reformists are fighting for. Although millions of pesos are invested not only in the production but also in Iza Calzado Mutter starb marketing and promotions of movies, success nowadays has been simplified to earning more than PM in the box office to qualify as a blockbuster.

Who cares if members of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino go into epileptic fits from the sheer torture of sitting through a particularly bad movie? Critics are there to be Yet as one of my colleagues in the academe resignedly told me, "Who cares what critics say? I do not think your legendary Aleng Tacing who Iza Calzado Mutter starb addicted to tired and beaten plots of telenovelas read what critics opine in their popular blogs.

You cannot argue with more than half a billion earnings to qualify as success. So let that be. In the meantime what is Iza Calzado Mutter starb is to find ways of pushing other films in the consciousness of the Filipino moviegoer not only during Christmas time but throughout the other eleven months of the year. In a free-for-all set-up like the December festival, every producer clamors for a position to make the most out of an end-of-the-year profit.

So it is expected that big time companies will muscle their way to find a slot in the MMFF. Christmas time is when the biggest local blockbusters of the year are fielded a do or die situation for some major film studios to achieve their quota of annual profits or to Iza Calzado Mutter starb icing to their proverbial year long cake. No amount of argumentation about the "significance of art" or "uplifting the Iza Calzado Mutter starb of the Filipino moviegoers" will receive a predictable reply of, "Oh, come on.

Get real" as studio executives are hosting their victory parties after their thanksgiving mass. But let's get real indeed. Yes, you get your Iza Calzado Mutter starb than half a billion movies to boost the annual income of a studio If commerce should be the principal consideration for the MMFF, then let it be so.

That is the only other consolation the Filipino audience can get from the December movie fiesta of local Iza Calzado Mutter starb. Like in this year's festival, two movies should be given due attention and importance because of what they aspired to achieve. This Iza Calzado Mutter starb be part of one's repertoire of films that must be seen in your lifetime together with other must-see Filipino movies that define who we are, what we have become and the possibilities of what is to come.

Based on a play by a national artist with a book at libretto by another national artist and set to music by someone who will soon be another national artist, there is no way that this film directed by Loy Arcenas lacks gravitas. It is the heart and soul of this year's festival The film is not perfect: But glossing over that and focusing on the love and passion given by the director and everyone else in the making of Iza Calzado Mutter starb movie should be reason enough to commend its very act of creation.

This was a direct adaptation of Joaquin's English play about the burden of tradition and the death of an era, a elegy in three acts as he so described. Thus the burden of creating a version of this play now transformed into a musical with book and lyrics by here we go again National Artist Rolando Tinio is of the tallest order.

Celeste Legaspi, Girlie Rodis and her team together with Arcenas and Ryan Cayabyab can be literally personified as the young man carrying his old Iza Calzado Mutter starb on his back as they escape from a burning city. The burden is the expectations of the public and the weight of the history of this material to be brought to the screen in the age of social media. The director and producers were aware that theirs was an uphill battle, a high brow film translation of a play that verges on the operatic.

How can this possibly compete with the magic of special effects and the commonness of familiar comedy bar humor? Well, passion knows no logic. It defies warnings and hopefully creates miracles. This passion is so very evident Iza Calzado Mutter starb Ang Larawan: Neither is there a real musical score because what we experience is the beautiful music of Ryan Cayabyab as material for the play.

Nonetheless, the power of the musical play is preserved as its sense of history and insistence on significance.

But, as I have written before, there are four reasons why this version of the play is important: Joaquin, Tinio, Cayabyab and Joanna Ampil. I repeat and cannot emphasize enough: For the past two decades Joanna Ampil has been a theater star, hailed in the West End. She is one of the handful of of true Filipino international stars whose name is more recognizable abroad than she is here in her native land.

Thus after all these years she landed the role of Candida Marasigan and rendered a truly remarkable performance. Not only in her singing did Ampil show incomparable excellence but in the nuances of her acting for the camera for the very first time. Then there is the other Iza Calzado Mutter starb, the smaller film. After twelve months of insatiable romcoms with occasional delights like Bernardo's Kita Kitathis year's MMFF has a relationship movie that is not overdosing on saccharine, not playing for cute and dated to be sharp, edgy and down to earth real.

The film confined itself to two characters Gab and Gabbi whose relationship traversed a volatile arc from a chance meeting using a dating app down through that long and complicated process of self-discovery and rediscovery.

What makes Iza Calzado Mutter starb Dan Villegas movie special is that it dares to be unapologetic. There is a very disturbing yet delicious rawness about the imperfection of the lovers. He is ever self-doubting yet stubborn, Iza Calzado Mutter starb yet sincere while she is a passive-aggressive girl who has a superb talent of inflicting guilt on her lovers as she plays the role of drama queen and victim.

Defying expectations, this love story is not an anesthesia. It does not provide a hundred minutes of Iza Calzado Mutter starb fast-tracked by a sugary theme song. More important than that, they are real scenes in a couple's life with the audience as voyeur observing the build-up and deterioration of a relationship.

Here is one of the most versatile and competent actresses we have around still underrated as she deserves portrayals as challenging as what she Iza Calzado Mutter starb in this Dan Villegas project. We may have had our doubts about Derek Ramsay's capacity to embrace roles Iza Calzado Mutter starb we are more preoccupied with his triceps and abs. Or we may have thought his Best Actor trophy in English Only But this time we are quite sure about what we are getting.

Ramsay is excellent as Gab and mano-a-mano, he delivers perhaps his best performance ever. His rendition of Gab as a wounded man trying to put together a life is so familiar, so reachable that we all know a guy like this sometime or the other in our lives.

It boasts not only of first rate performances from its cast but also a screenplay that stands to be perhaps one of the best for the entire year.

Regardless of what we feel or think of the MetroManila Filmfest, it has become so much a part of the popular cultural tradition of the country. Even if through the years the all-Filipino movie festival has generated too many questions and controversies, it has still proven to be a viable source of some of our best cinematic pieces.

And so, another year has come to pass What is important is that we go out and watch all these Filipino movies There is no point screaming our lungs out saying we want better films if we do not go out of our way to watch them. For the record, folks: Posted by JoeyR at 6: On the evening of the twenty-first of December, a little before Her mother arrived a little past eleven to find her daughter gone.

She went home only to discover that the young lady has not reached their residence either thus prodding her to return to the cafe. There she found the girl's belongings, including her cell phone and her laptop.

Anton went to see Andeng in Batangas, but she refused to see him. Instead, he waited outside her house all night and all day the next day, until rain came pouring down. Andeng angrily came out, shouting at him to go home before he got sick.

Meanwhile, Grace woke up muttering apologies in the hospital after her attempt at taking her life, Chloe Julia Barretto and Lucas JK Labajo at her side. She begged them not to hate her, but Lucas assured her that they never would, anyway. He told her that she would always be their mother and that they would always love her.

Later, Chloe and Andeng meet up at a cafe and the young lady asked if her stepmom would be willing to speak with Grace. Andeng reluctantly agreed to spare Chloe any more pain. Will Andeng find it in her heart to forgive Grace?

Will Andeng choose to fight with Anton for their love?

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