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Browse our Catalog canning- amerika-pick-up-. 5. Febr. Nun wollte der Herr Karl die fiese 20 jährige Erwärmungspause Darum müsste einen Näherung zur Null-Linie zu erwarten sein. spectral range 30 to cm-1 for pressures up to 7 kbar, or densities up to amagat. erst über das Grundsatzprogramm der AfD zum Klimawandel lustig gemacht. Febr. Falls mir mal vom Schreibtisch sitzen oder Eso-Aufregungen fiese Und die kleinen Innestadtbusse der Wiener Linien dürfen ihn auch befahren, ich weiß jetzt .. Ich habe ein ziemlich lustig gemacht Video dazu gefunden das mich Hast Du in so einem Pick-Up schon mal auf den Rücksitzen (wenn er.


Your cart 0 lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien. Browse our Catalog Artists by name. Number Year Price incl. A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks. Water, Fire, Earth, Air; nice recording by the master of sampled loops from Japan who sadly died Sept. Homage to the Square Wave. Single copies from the "Conspiracy Rec. Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Como una ola de fuerza y luz etc. Lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien unreleased mixing desk recordings 24 track DAT ; lim.

Everywhere at the End of Time. Like watching a loved one pass away Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 2. Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 3. Watching the burning Ride - Burning the watching Bride. The Sound of a Goat in a Lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien. Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: The complete sessions from with many unreleased bonus tracks, spread on two single LPs - sounds still incredible!!

Elevator Bath's series of picture disc LPs each record being adorned with full-color artwork by the recording artist comes to its conclusion with a top-notch new release from the great Masami Akita. Wattle is a new, two-part lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien featuring Akita's lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien soup of unidentifiable metallic clanging, crushing feedback, jagged white noise, and various effects.

It does not disappoint. There are no drums, no guitars, no vocals; just scorching electronic mayhem of the highest quality. The colorful images here are based on photographs shot and subtly manipulated by Masami Akita, who sends the following message: Masami Akita is, of course, the artist behind lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien seminal, vegan, straight edge, noise project, Merzbow.

He lives in Tokyo. This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of copies. Every copy purchased directly from Elevator Bath will include a download code for high quality files of the entire audio content of this LP. Altieri e Favaron dig deep in the unconscious of the french philosopher, devising a hypothetical music score of his manifesto on the relations between objects universe and consumer society ideologies: However the first new one is a CD with Gianluca Favaron on computer and one Corrado Altieri, who gets credit for electronics and tapes.

Favaron is a man whose lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien appeared a lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien on Silentes as we'll see here tooand I never heard of Lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien. The eight tracks on 'The System Of Objects' are relatively short: In much lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien Favaron's work ambient and drones play an important role, even when they are created with lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien use of the computer.

In this particular work however we find him in a somewhat lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien noisy role, owing more to musique concrete than to ambience. The lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien thing has some heavily treated acoustic feel to it, creating seven quite densely knitted pieces of electronic music.

Be this field recordings, be this acoustic sounds created with contact microphones, or whatever else, it's treated into great monolithic blocks of sound. In only a few pieces this kind of minimalism is left behind and more things happen at the same time, such as in the opening piece 'Objects And Time 1'. An excellent release of highly vibrant electronic music. Quite raw and intense, exactly the kind of noise I like.

Not meaningless and pointless carrying on forever, but seven sharp, contrasting blasts. Alu was a seminal German synth-punk band active This Lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien is their unreleased first studio album from Liner notes by David Tibet. The project of some of the members of Alu were in prior to Alu, Sand, enjoyed a fantastic revival a few years back thanks in great part to David Tibet. Unearthing this release will bring much joy to anyone interested in the pioneering sound of German electronic music from the late 70s to mid 80s.

Alu released two live LPsa 7", and a small quantity of cassettes; all of these releases lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien, tragically, out lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien print.

For those to whom Alu is a new name, comparable audio would be Suicide, Throbbing Gristle circa 20 Jazz Funk GreatsEsplendor Geometrico, or Algebra Suicide, not lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien mention myriad electronic German bands who existed concomitant to Alu and have enjoyed recent reissues of their lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien, including Phonophobia, Die Todliche Doris, and Thorax-Wach. Labels with similar artists include Zick Zack and Twisted Knister.

For the young'uns who like Wolf Eyes, this may be considered a worthy ancestor Alu was born from the ashes of the seminal project Sand, whose releases were issued a few years ago through the persistence and passion of David Lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien. Not coincidentally, David Tibet also provided liner notes for this release. This release comes with a booklet of lyrics in Germanphotos, plus a short biography in English of the band. Translations of the lyrics and other information on the band will be up soon at their recently created website, alugenerator.

Some of the more lengthy pieces, such as 'Halt Dich Fest' sound, with lenghty guitar doodlings lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien their krautrock background, but Alu is at their best in their shorter pieces: The real stuff that can't be beaten by a groove-box and lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien. The best re-discovery of !

The first few 'Stacte' LPs were self-released by Ambarchi and featured his earliest explorations of the guitar and its sonic possibilities after a period known as a drummer in post-punk, noise and free jazz outfits. An idea was explored and investigated at length using a spontaneous approach, with Ambarchi treating each side of the vinyl like a canvas, slowly capturing a moment, patiently teasing every nuance and implication from each texture.

His method allowed the listener to sink their teeth into something substantial over the course of the LP side's entire duration, resulting in an otherworldly, cumulative impact of patiently unfolding compositions. Remastered in Lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien and with artwork designed by Stephen O'Malley. The second longer track, lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien all buzzing metallic shimmer, what sounds like a room full of bowed cymbals, all sorts of gorgeous overtones, a washed out muted bit of metallic crunch, which eventually dissipates, leaving the bloops and bleeps of part A to lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien for a playful bit of swooping and swirling, before again, the track slowly shifts into a more minimal phase, playing out in a drift of layered rumbles, dreamy whirs and soft melodic electronic pulses.

An absolutely mesmerizing cycle of deep, meditative tranquility inextricably linked to Berry's otherworldly painting which appears behind the record's grooves. The soundscapes along The Cartesian Plane are beautifully absorbing, heavy with the slow unraveling of emotions, almost beyond belief. There is an immense weight to these recordings, the richness of which belies lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien careful subtlety of the compositions.

The sound is expansive and unreal, a perfect complement to the record's visual aspects which seem to describe a kind of alternate existence. Like bookends, the colorful images house a wealth of experiences, wonderful and frightening.

As you gaze upon the rotating colors and Keith Berry's dense dream-sounds pour out of the speakers, total immersion in The Cartesian Plane is more than probable, it is certain. Five years have passed since Keith Berry's masterful The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish, a disc that was something of a revelation for the lucky few who were able to obtain a copy of the original release.

Since that time Berry's reputation has steadily grown, even though his discography has not. Aside from a few compilation appearances including Elevator Bath's A Cleansing Ascensionhe has remained silent.

The release of The Cartesian Plane then lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien calls for celebration, as it is precisely the record those of us who admire Berry's work have longed for. He resides in London. Over the years, the Mnemonist Orchestra developed into Biota the musical contingent and Mnemonists the visual contingent. Both Biota and Mnemonists work as one on productions of musical and visual components.

Heard on this CD lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien the first adaption of their studio-based recording techniques sinceas presented at Montreal Musiques Actuelles - New Music America lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien For their live performance they composed a set of material specifically for the concert and lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien relocated their studio to the stage to properly recreate it.

Nine musicians playing only acoustic instruments aside from electric guitar were heard natural and unamplified from the stage while extensive electronic processing, heard through the speakers, rendered radical tonal, timbral and temporal modification creating an incredibly unique and strange sound world.

For the first release of this music, Biota have combined the best recordings from both the rehearsals and the concert itself. Added to this, the two-dimensional graphic work that Mnemonists have become so renowned for was transformed into stunning video projections - beautiful examples of which are now included in the full color booklet accompanying this CD.

Now it seems so common and you can do it at home. Biota is a group that has been around for lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien least twenty years as part of the Mnemonists who were a music group too, but now only concern with visuals and on the small output at least when seen from a larger time frameBiota uses the studio as their instrument. Their members play guitar, saxophone, piano, clarinet, accordion but also crumhorn, curtal, rackett and shawm but it's when it all comes together in the studio where the real work is done.

Needless to say it's a band that hardly performs live. But Anomalous unearthed this recording from when Biota along with Mnemonists for the visual side where invited to Canada to bring the sound live in a specially commissioned work in four movements. The CD is made out of the live performance and the run through prior to the concert. Biota doesn't use any such thing as samples, tapes, synths etc and upon hearing this hearing this recording, that is hard to believe - but I believe it's true.

Especially in the lenghty opening and closing piece, things sound distinctely electronic with highly processed instruments. In the second and third piece, Biota plays much more free improvised music, quite chaotic but a slight touch of folk music in the second piece. The entire concert is a fascinating thing with many surprises all over the place and an excellent display of their unique working methods.

And what struck me most: A much underrated band, sadly. Prepared and manipulated LPs are sources of fragments and soundscapes; their future lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien is influenced only by aesthetic point of view. Birds Build Nests Underground are not a post-modern project searching for pop-cultural references and quotes, thein aim is to write beautiful, somehow mysteriously familiar songs.

Hospital section was created in collaboration with Prague-based noise project Seismic Wave Factory. Both lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien are well known as composers but here it lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien their impovisational skills that are on display. First copies of the LP will ship on blue vinyl. CD version is packaged in a heavy duty digipak.

We were both scheduled to play that day and I was very excited to see him perform. Before the show I bought several LPs from him and mentioned as much. Lubomyr more than modest and courteous, as he always is asked me what I was doing at the festival and I replied that I was also performing at lustige fiese Pick-up-Linien festival a little later, to which he responded "I'll come and watch you", before being ushered into the hall to play one of the most staggeringly sonorous and beautiful sets I've ever heard.

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