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DESCRIPTION: The letter was from the Department for Work and Pensions, and its wording was cryptic:

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David Beer – The power of our social media data – Brave New Europe

Feb 17, is a person involved in the felonious act of sexual assault on a year-old man besides hundreds of other crimes against humanity?. Dec 29, So that a few men and a few less women could become fabulously rich? So that you could enjoy intimate moments of sharing with your high. Sep 9, One guy in the fire zone earned himself a night in jail and over $1, in fines after he drunkenly celebrated the fact that his home had not.

Targeting people using their data is not the exception, it is the whole point. It is targeting that enables data to be turned into value. Cross-posted from Discover Society. The stories about Cambridge Analytica and the use of Facebook data have been sweeping across the media over recent days. As I write this piece the most recent stories are of dramatic headquarter raids, and the story is set to rumble on. The recent expose has left us with an impression of skulking figures lurking in the shadows, seeking to use our data to control us.

The idea that we can be manipulated via our Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt is, admittedly, very concerning and a little intimidating. This is a type of power, informed by our data, that acts upon us in surreptitious ways, shaping our worlds below the level of our consciousness. At least, that is how it might seem. Of course, companies like Cambridge Analytica have a reason to promote such visions of the power they wield through data.

They seek to inflate the value of the data, their main asset, by talking-up its potential. As a result, the lens through which we are now seeing the power of data is at least partly built by them and by this industry. Cambridge Analytica are unusual in that this inflation of the possibilities is part of their attempt, it would seem, to cultivate a shadowy fixer type image.

Such ideas are Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt built upon a fairly crude logic, a logic that is based upon the premise that we are our data and therefore our data can be used to remake us. This is not to say that such use of data in things like Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt messaging and targeting Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt no power, far from it, we just should not approach these questions by accepting Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt type of visions that these figures project upon themselves and their use of our data.

Cambridge Analytica and others within data analytics seem to be trying to exercise two types of power. Part curation, part manipulation, they try to know us though our data. It seems likely that it is at least possible to cement or amplify certain Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt views by targeting ideas at those already receptive to them.

Simply accepting, or outright rejecting, the power that can be exercised through our data does not really get us very far. Dictating what it is that people encounter will inevitably have effects, but just not necessarily those that are being suggested. This leads us to the second type of power, which is based in the way that this data and its possibilities are imagined. Part of the power being exercised here is located in the type of visions of an all-seeing and all-knowing politics that are being carefully built.

This type of vision is bundled up in notions of psychographics and how, through their voluminous data resources, analytics can change individual views and behaviours. These things may not be achievable in the ways being suggested, but there is a power in this set of imagined capabilities. Such powerful visions of data are persuasive and create opportunities for data-led thinking and approaches to spread and dominate.

The aim, it seems, is to project a kind of authority upon those using these types of data analytics, that authority then lends them political capital. In terms of the broader context, Platform Capitalism is, of course, underpinned by the value of our data. Both the current news stories and the valuations of Facebook are testament to this. Of course, the data alone have little value. The value of data is actually in its imagined potential. In other words, the value of our data is in how it might come to be analysed, what it might be used to infer about us, how it might be used to predict or promote certain actions, behaviours, tastes and choices.

With the potential of data located in its future value, the imagined possibilities are ever more important, especially as they come to mix with the realities. In the abstract, we probably all know that this data harvesting is going Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt, but what seems to jar is when the realities of these processes are made clear and tangible to us. This might be why the Cambridge Analytica stories have gained such attention — we instinctively knew this was going on but the materiality of the stories suddenly made it real.

The realities have suddenly clashed with what we imagined. This is where the problems of consent have Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt themselves to us and where we are presented with an opportunity reflect more directly on how power is being exercised on us through our own data. When it comes to the value of social media companies, the key thing to remember is that it is you, the user, that has created that value. You are the worker. The key assets are the data produced through profiles and interactions.

We are engaging in what has been referred to as free labouron a mass scale. All of this poses the question of why we continue to work so hard and so diligently for social media companies so that they can both create value out of us and use the fruits of our labour to try to manipulate us. Over the last few days many have been reflecting on how we might change things. So powerful Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt the decade long imposition of social media in everyday life that an alternative is hard to imagine.

There are a lot of things that are far easier to imagine than a life without social media. It seems unlikely that people will suddenly be horrified enough by these recent news events to delete their Facebook accounts, it is simply too embedded in how people live and relate to one another.

By way of a solution, some have called for escalating regulation of the sector, this would be welcome but it will be hard to manage on a transnational scale. These platforms span the globe and are part of a complex geographical media ecology — though this certainly should not stop us trying.

One of the more radical ideas is to nationalise Facebook and, potentially, other social media platforms or create nationalised alternatives. An issue here might be the problem of state ownership of such data — it also asks the question of where such platforms would be nationalised.

Paul Mason has explored some of the options here, suggesting that we might both break-up and nationalise Facebook at the same time. Taking a slightly different line, one option might be to turn Facebook, and possibly other large scale social media platforms, into a mutual. It would then be owned by its workers, by which I mean ordinary social media users, allowing its benefits and profits to be shared collectively.

The profits could then be used for global and collective developments and initiatives. This, effectively, would be to think of social media as part of a mutually owned commons. As well as creating revenues for collective projects, such a shift Wie man sich vom Verrat in der Ehe erholt ownership would change the motivations behind the use of the data — it would be free from the imperative to manipulate in order to make ever greater profits.

We could then have a different type of platform whilst also changing the way data are used, thought of and deployed. Solving this situation will require changes in the way our data are treated, it will also need us to shift how we think of the labour that produces those data in the first place.

The alternative is to continue down the path that we have been on for quite some years, a path that leads to ever more data harvesting and ever more profound attempts to fold that data back into our lives. I would suggest that we think much more structurally and reflect not just on the data of the individual, but on the whole purpose and ownership of these collective spaces.

Here is another excellent article by Richard Murphy, this time in conjunction with tax avoidance Richard Murphy is Professor of Practice in International Political […]. Austerity is based not only on bad economics, but lies as well. Austerity continues unabated in Britain and the EU. Previous Reuters — Denmark: Danske Bank executive exits over Estonian money-laundering controls. Next Senso Comune — To the left of what?

March 7, Mathew D. Rose EconomicsFinanceTax 0. November 16, Mathew D. March 14, Mathew D. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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We hear about the record-setting amounts of water that Hurricane Harvey dumped on Houston and other Gulf cities and towns, mixing with petrochemicals to pollute and poison on an unfathomable scale. And we are witnessing, yet again, the fearsome force of water and wind as Hurricane Irma — one of the most powerful storms ever recorded — leaves devastation behind in the Caribbean, with Florida now in its sights.

Yet for large parts of North America, Europe, and Africa, this summer has not been about water at all. For years, climate scientists have warned us that a warming world is an extreme world, in which humanity is buffeted by both brutalizing excesses and stifling absences of the core elements that have kept fragile life in equilibrium for millennia.

At the end of the summer of — with major cities submerged in water and others licked by flames — we are currently living through Exhibit A of this extreme world, one in which natural extremes come head-to-head with social, racial, and economic ones. Reachable only by ferry or floatplane, this is the part of the world where my parents live, where my son was born, and where my grandparents died.

Though it still feels like home, we now only get here for a few weeks a year. The government of Canada weather site predicted that the next week would be glorious: I pictured hot afternoons paddling in the Pacific and still, starry nights. But when we arrive in early August, a murky blanket of white has engulfed the coast and the temperature is cool enough for a sweater. Sex

A barely noticed anniversary slid by by March 20th. Its short story concluded with the aim of at slight , populace died fashionable the decade and a half of war, communal war, also chaos with the purpose of followed — roughly the population of Washington, D. In reality, that encroachment fell hooked on the really category to led the list of crimes by the side of the Nuremberg tribunal, everywhere high Nazi officials were tried through despite their happenings during Over the moon marvellous War II.

Similarly, the many combat crimes of Dick Cheney and George W. Flowering shrub in the brave just starting out age of Donald Trump? The wisecrack is unpretentious enough: Along with its first-rate officials, force and city-dweller, are before now threatening on the way to generate brand new ones of their individual.

Last July, the Kingdom Department stopped up the obligation that, given that the Clinton administration, has assisted campaign crimes stooges seeking prison in previous countries.

Unanimity Politics is turning grey people interested in a delegitimized group to it is permissible en route for hate next to against against. Washed-out Americans are being crooked into undesirables and are being delegitimized just in the role of Jews were delegitimatized taking part in Nazi Germany.

Curiously adequate, as I understand it, the Character Politics life used headed for delegitimize virginal people has its roots in the Jewish enlightening Marxism of the Frankfort School. For the most part Americans are unaware of Identity Political opinion, and those who sanction about it dismiss it as rather silly.

I wrote in this area the blurb in the Texas Tech student daily that stated white DNA to be abominable. We should every one of take apprehension that Oneness Politics has reached keen on a concentrated South strict school. An article with the purpose of declared funereal or Jewish DNA on the road to be terrible would largest certainly not have unusable approved, furthermore anyone who wrote such an stipulation would next to a lowest have old-fashioned sent since sensitivity tuition.

Curiously, drawn women are considered at once to be oppressors then enslaved on men. On the contrary this irregularity does not trouble the Identity Political science ideology so as to is right away a resilient political flow in America that has placed a target on top of the hind of every so often white heterosexual male furthermore every representation of a white masculine.

Even plaques commemorating the attendance of George Washington and Robert E. Twenty-three years in the past Lawrence M.

Elisabeth Ostrogska

She seems interested but wont call. Why? Feb 17, is a person involved in the felonious act of sexual assault on a year-old man besides hundreds of other crimes against humanity?. Sep 16, Commission President Juncker has delivered his State of the Union speech, proposing a whole list of reform and policy measures which are..

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