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DESCRIPTION: An activity is a single, focused thing that the user can do. Almost Androiden Feedback-Aktivität activities interact with the user, so the Activity class takes care of creating a window for you in which you can place your UI with setContentView View. While activities are often presented to the user as full-screen windows, they can also be used in other ways:

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An activity is a single, focused thing that the user can do. Almost all activities interact with the Androiden Feedback-Aktivität, so the Activity class takes care of creating a window for you in which you can place your UI with setContentView View.

While activities are often presented to the user as full-screen windows, they can also be used in other ways: There are two methods almost all subclasses of Activity will implement: Most importantly, here you will usually call setContentView int with a layout resource defining your UI, and using findViewById int to retrieve the widgets in that UI that you need to interact with programmatically. Most importantly, any changes made by the user should at this point be committed usually to the ContentProvider holding the data.

To be of use with Androiden Feedback-Aktivität. Fragments Activity Lifecycle Androiden Feedback-Aktivität Changes Starting Activities and Getting Results Saving Persistent State Permissions Process Lifecycle Developer Guides The Activity class Androiden Feedback-Aktivität an important Androiden Feedback-Aktivität of an application's overall lifecycle, and the way activities are launched and put together is a fundamental part of the platform's application model.

For a detailed perspective on the structure of an Android application and how activities behave, please read the Application Fundamentals and Tasks and Back Stack developer guides. You can also find a detailed discussion about how to create activities in the Activities developer guide. The FragmentActivity subclass can make use of the Fragment class to better modularize their code, build more sophisticated user interfaces for larger screens, and help scale their application between small and Androiden Feedback-Aktivität screens.

For more information about using fragments, read the Fragments developer guide. Activities in the system are managed as an activity stack. When a new activity is started, it is placed on the top of the stack and Androiden Feedback-Aktivität the running activity -- the previous activity always remains below it in the stack, and will not come to the foreground again until the new activity exits.

The following diagram shows the important state paths of an Activity. The square rectangles represent callback methods you can implement to perform operations when the Activity moves between states.

The colored ovals are major states the Activity can be in. There are three key loops you may be interested in monitoring within your activity: The entire lifetime of an activity happens between the first call to onCreate Bundle through to a single final call to onDestroy. An Androiden Feedback-Aktivität will do all setup of "global" state in onCreateand release all remaining resources in onDestroy.

For example, if it has a thread running in the background to download data from the network, it may create that thread in onCreate and then stop the thread in onDestroy.

The visible lifetime of an activity happens between a call to onStart until a corresponding call to onStop. During this time the user can see the activity on-screen, though it may not be in the foreground and interacting with the user.

Between these two methods you can maintain Androiden Feedback-Aktivität that are needed to show the activity to the user. For example, you can register a BroadcastReceiver in onStart to monitor for changes that impact your UI, and unregister Androiden Feedback-Aktivität in onStop when the user no longer sees what you are displaying.

The onStart and onStop methods can be called multiple times, as the activity becomes visible and hidden to the user. The foreground lifetime of an activity happens between a call to onResume until a corresponding call to onPause. During this time the activity is in front of all other activities and interacting with the user.

An activity can frequently go between the resumed and paused states -- for example when the device goes to sleep, when an activity result is delivered, when a new intent is delivered -- so the code in these methods should be fairly lightweight.

The entire lifecycle of an activity is defined by the following Activity methods. All of these are hooks that you can override to do appropriate work when the activity changes state. All activities will implement onCreate Bundle to do their initial setup; many will also implement onPause Androiden Feedback-Aktivität commit changes to data and otherwise prepare to stop interacting with the user. You should always call up to your superclass when implementing these methods. Always followed by onStart.

Always followed by onStart No Androiden Feedback-Aktivität onStart Androiden Feedback-Aktivität when the activity is becoming visible to the user. Followed by onResume if the activity comes to the foreground, or onStop if it becomes hidden. At this point your activity is at Androiden Feedback-Aktivität top of the activity stack, with user input going to it.

Always followed by onPause. No onPause onPause Called when the system is about to start resuming a previous activity. This is typically used to commit unsaved changes to persistent data, stop animations and other things that may be consuming CPU, etc. Implementations of this method must be very quick because the next activity will not be resumed until this method returns. Followed by either onResume if the activity returns back to the front, or onStop if it becomes invisible to the user.

This may happen either because a new activity is being started, an existing one is being brought in front of this one, or this one is being destroyed. Followed by either onRestart if this activity is coming back to interact with the user, or onDestroy if this activity is going away. Yes onRestart or onDestroy onDestroy The final call you receive before your activity is destroyed. This can happen either because the activity is finishing someone called finish on it, or because the system is temporarily destroying this instance of the activity to save space.

You can distinguish between these two scenarios with the isFinishing method. Yes nothing Note the "Killable" column in the above table -- for those methods that are marked as being killable, after that method returns the process hosting the activity may be Androiden Feedback-Aktivität by the system at any time without another line of its code being executed.

Because of this, Androiden Feedback-Aktivität should use the onPause method to write any persistent data such as user edits to storage. In addition, the method onSaveInstanceState Bundle is called before placing the activity in such a background state, allowing you to save away any dynamic instance state in your activity into the given Bundle, to be later received in onCreate Bundle if the activity needs to be re-created.

See the Process Lifecycle section for more information on how the lifecycle of a process is tied to the activities it is hosting. Note that it is important to save persistent data in onPause instead of onSaveInstanceState Bundle because the latter is not part of Androiden Feedback-Aktivität lifecycle callbacks, so will not be called in every situation as described in its documentation.

Starting with Honeycomb, an application is not in the killable state until its onStop has returned. This impacts when onSaveInstanceState Bundle may be called it may be safely called after onPause and allows an application to safely wait until onStop to save persistent state. For applications targeting platforms starting with P onSaveInstanceState Bundle will always be called after onStopso an application may safely perform fragment transactions in onStop and will be able to save persistent state later.

For those methods that are not marked as being killable, the activity's process will not be killed by the system starting from the time the method is called and continuing after it returns.

Thus an activity is in the killable state, for example, between after onPause to the start of onResume. If the configuration of the device as defined by the Resources. Configuration class changes, then anything displaying a user interface will need to update to match that configuration.

Because Activity is the primary mechanism for interacting with the user, it includes special support for handling configuration changes. Unless you specify otherwise, a configuration change such as a change in screen orientation, language, input devices, etc will cause your current activity to be destroyedgoing through the normal activity lifecycle process of onPauseonStopand onDestroy as appropriate. If the activity had been in the foreground or visible to the user, once onDestroy is called Androiden Feedback-Aktivität that instance then a new instance of the activity will be created, with whatever savedInstanceState the previous instance had generated from onSaveInstanceState Bundle.

This is done because any application resource, including Androiden Feedback-Aktivität files, Androiden Feedback-Aktivität change based on any configuration value. Thus the only safe way to handle a configuration change is to re-retrieve all resources, including layouts, drawables, and strings. Because activities must already know how to Androiden Feedback-Aktivität their state and re-create themselves from that state, this is a convenient way to have an activity restart itself with a new configuration.

In some special cases, you may Androiden Feedback-Aktivität to bypass restarting of your activity based on one or more types of configuration changes. This is done with the android: For any types of configuration changes you Androiden Feedback-Aktivität that you handle there, you will receive a call to your current activity's onConfigurationChanged Configuration method instead of being restarted.

If a configuration change involves any that you do not handle, however, the activity will Androiden Feedback-Aktivität be restarted and onConfigurationChanged Configuration will not be called. The startActivity Intent method is used to start a new activity, which will be placed at the top of the activity stack.

It takes a single argument, an Intentwhich describes the activity to be executed. Sometimes you want to get a result back from an activity when it ends. For example, you may start an activity that lets the user pick a person in a list of contacts; when it ends, it returns the person that was selected. To do this, you call the startActivityForResult Intent, int version with a second integer parameter identifying the call.

The result will come back through your onActivityResult int, int, Intent method. When an activity exits, it can call setResult int to return data back to its parent. In addition, it can optionally return back an Intent Androiden Feedback-Aktivität any additional data it wants. All of this information appears back on the parent's Activity.

There are generally two kinds of persistent state than an activity will deal Androiden Feedback-Aktivität For content provider data, we suggest that activities use a "edit in place" Androiden Feedback-Aktivität model. That is, any edits a user makes are effectively made immediately without requiring an additional Androiden Feedback-Aktivität step.

Supporting this model is generally a simple matter of following two rules:. When creating a new document, the backing database entry or file for it is created immediately. For example, if the user Androiden Feedback-Aktivität to write a new email, a new entry for that email is created as soon as they start entering data, so that if Androiden Feedback-Aktivität go to any other activity after that point this email will now appear in the list of drafts.

When an activity's onPause method is called, it should commit to Androiden Feedback-Aktivität backing content provider or file any changes the user has made. This ensures that those changes will be seen by any other activity that is about to run.

You will probably want to commit your data even more aggressively at key times during your activity's lifecycle: This model is designed to prevent data loss when a user is navigating between activities, and allows the system to safely kill an activity because system resources are needed somewhere else at any time after it has Androiden Feedback-Aktivität paused. Note Androiden Feedback-Aktivität implies that the user pressing BACK from your activity does not mean Androiden Feedback-Aktivität -- it means to leave the activity with its current contents saved away.

Canceling edits in an activity must be provided through some other mechanism, such as an explicit "revert" or "undo" option. See the content package for more information about content providers. These are a key aspect of how different activities invoke and propagate data between themselves. The Activity class also provides an API for managing internal persistent state associated with an activity. This can be used, for example, to remember the user's preferred initial display in a calendar day view or week view or the user's default home page in a web browser.

To use preferences that are shared across multiple application components activities, receivers, services, providersyou can use the underlying Context.

Note that it is not possible to share settings data across application packages -- for that you will need a content provider.

Here is an excerpt from a calendar activity that stores the user's preferred view mode in its persistent settings:. When starting an Activity you can set Intent. Access will remain until the Activity has finished it will remain across the hosting process being killed and other temporary destruction.

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