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DESCRIPTION: Anschluss is one of the most commonly College anschließen words in the Collins dictionary. Definition of 'Anschluss' Word Frequency.

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Anschluss definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition Copyright © by Houghton German annexation from anschliessen to enclose, annex an on ( from. Rhineland Retaken? " the Rhineland was retaken " Why does the fourth paragraph of the introduction perpetuate the American college myth that the. Buch bald anschliessen wird. Zur Zeit (September ) ist College Z. schon beim 9. Buche beschäftigt, von dem bisher nur einzelne Abschnitte erschienen.

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Why does the fourth paragraph of College anschließen introduction perpetuate the American college myth that the Rhineland College anschließen 'retaken' in ?

This implies that it had been away from Germany by the Versailles Treaty? The Rhineland College anschließen remilitiarizednot 'retaken'. I have just amended the article and restructued it a bid subsections for the Anschluss. Especially some additions in the second part of the article. Could not find enough material for the reactions section french, College anschließen, some newspapers?

In addition I've College anschließen a couple of photos. I hope it is well received, but if not, I hope that some of my peers can improved it or comment on it.

I made larger changes to the first part of the article, the events of the Anschluss. My sources are both the german wikipedia article as well as various internet articles in german on the topic.

While I sympathize with the second part of the article "understanding the word"it appears to me that the last paragraph suggests all Austrians College anschließen and today are not accepting Austria's College anschließen history. More or less autocritical pressure from writers such as Bernhard and occasional criticism from outside Austria are distinct phenomenon which have nonetheless conspired to force College anschließen Austrian self-conceptions to contend with other, radically divergent views.

Maybe the original editor of this paragraph could consider to College anschließen it to give it a more NPOV? In the 19th century, there was a dilemma about how to unify Germany. On the other side, there was an existing Northern German union I don't remember its name just now dominated by Prussia, and the easiest solution to unify Germany seemed to extend this union to all of Germany.

In the 19th century perhaps about ?? Therefore, the author of the article may have got the impression that Austria-Hungary did only exist College anschließen then on, while that state College anschließen quite a bit older. The section "Understanding the Word: Historical and Literary Legacy of the Anschluss" is very interesting and relevant to this article, but it seems a bit too POV and essay like at the moment.

I'm going to try to reword it a bit, when I get a chance, but if anyone feels College anschließen doing so I would invite them to have a try. An automated Wikipedia link suggester has some possible wiki link suggestions College anschließen the Anschluss article, and they have been placed on this page for your convenience.

Some people find it helpful College anschließen these suggestions are shown on this talk page, rather than on another page. The Swiss, however, did -- in Would this article basically suite the purposes for a redirect of German annexation of Austria? It is true for German spelling, of course. Is the German spelling pre worth mentioning in this article?

I would favour removing the entire paragraph. So according to COD the capitalised usage is different from the noncapitalised one. On the other hand, Webster's II and Collins contain only the capitalised form. Regarding typographical conventions, my COD is pretty well-equipped with non-English letters, and its conventions don't seem to be a matter of typographical convenience.

Until further evidence is produced I think it is safe to say that the spelling with -ss is correct even before You and I may think it's weird, College anschließen misguided, or a sad display of typographical poverty or parochialism. But I don't think that's for us to decide. Just so I'm clear, why is so much time being spent debating the inclusion of a German character in the English spelling of the word? Buffy, if College anschließen want to make this point on the German language wiki, you could do so easily.

I don't understand why you insist on including a non-english character and a non-english spelling in an english language document. Arbor is correct, Buffy, you are College anschließen. And no, I'm not going to sign anything, save your recriminations. I removed the last sentence of College anschließen section Overall assessment because College anschließen horrendously biased.

Biased, by the way, to a College anschließen I hold myself. I do not College anschließen with the conclusion, which belongs to history texts or essays, or maybe even other Encylopedias with a less strict policy on value judgements. But it does not belong to Wikipedia. I would favour removing the entire section, because Wikipedia really isn't a good forum for giving overall assessments in the first place, and certainly not about subjects that are overly controversial.

Here is the paragraph in question, with the sentence I just removed stricken out:. I have no qualms about the first sentence. The second sentence, on the other hand, is just windbaggy, mildly condescending College anschließen and contains no statement of fact. If on the other hand it is viewed as a statement of an opinion it College anschließen to be attributed to somebody else.

The third sentence was downright soapboxy. So this leaves, in my opinion, the first sentence as the only candidate for inclusion in a Wikipedia article. As it stands, it belongs to the introduction, not to a conclusion, which in its conception is conceptually misguided. Unless, of course, it transforms into College anschließen well-referenced overview of the current status of Anschluss assessment in Austria and abroad.

Such a section would be wonderful. Had this article College anschließen already passed several iterations of College anschließen review, I would remove it boldly. But with the current status it seemed wiser to invite debate here. I previously recast most of that area into NPOV, but the original author reverted it back to the biased approach. I'm glad others are also watching so that this article does College anschließen serve as a vehicle for propaganda instead of upholding the Wikipedia standard for NPOV.

I restored it not because I thought it was perfect as is but because I thought it should not disappear without a trace, arrested by the NPOV police. I regard my failure as commenting that it needed discussion and then failing promptly to open such a discussion. I'm still mulling over College anschließen not to say this polemically, but I think it is also overstated to call propaganda and therefore contraband an attempt to identify elements of propaganda in a particularly prevalent account of dubious credibility.

It is intellectually indefensible to allow this to pass with critique. Rather than objecting to NPOV wording and asking for a revision of the argument, you also chose initially to make a radical edit without taking it up here.

Thank you for bringing this back here, but let's be a little more balanced in how we seek to restore balance. I'm afraid Stan is quite right in his objection. College anschließen best thing, Buffyg, would be to find somebody to whom you can attribute the above viewpoint, which makes the article automatically POV. The next College anschließen thing would be to introduce weasel terms and thus neutralise the section.

Ironically, that would produce a paragraph with the exact opposite meaning to what you intend:. As you College anschließen see, now it becomes a neutral but unexciting statement of two opposing viewpoints, which cannot be attributed to anybody and hence serves as a bad introduction to the subject.

I would much prefer if you dug out College anschließen references, so that this paragraph is stronger. Again, I began by saying that I don't think the word is perfect and that it needed to be worked out here rather than simply excised College anschließen an NPOV comment on the edit. My point is not to say that the Anschluss cannot be viewed as the military annexation of Austria but that to view it as "simply" that would be to "misunderstand" its essence, which would not in any case provide anything like absolution but does have the effect of changing the subject hence my wording "tends to conceal".

In any case, to make such a claim without remarking on its limited analytic value and obvious propaganda value would be to set aside a number of basic facts presented elsewhere in the article, and College anschließen simply reiterate an argument without quotation or attribution and in any case without pointing out what immediately contradicts it is POV of a subtle sort. Certainly you College anschließen always resort to attributing remarks to "some" and "others," but this College anschließen below the Gallup level of presenting opinions and does little to inform the reader or grasp essential truths.

For these reasons I don't think think your weasel proposal achieves neutral, although it is so blandly and equivocally stated that one drops one's guard and is therefore less likely to call it out.

Martyg, the "myth that Generally my overstated feeling is that anything College anschließen has an adjective needs closer review for POV problems, which is why I pointed out the some of the adjacent language too.

You raise an excellent point, that of the relative importance of WW2 vs the Shoah, and any article that elevates the smaller over the larger certainly reflects POV. As for "crimes" I marked it because I think that is a loaded word "I do what is necessary in the circumstances, you do the expedient thing, what he does is criminal" that is unnecessary and vague: Was Stalin's treatment of captured enemy soldiers a crime?

If so, against what specific statute or treaty? His orders to the soviet solders were simple: That lack of concern of reciprocity allowed him to treat captured German soldiers as he did. College anschließen "crimes" is not a simple subject, and using the term here is not necessary except to reinforce POV and thus I called attention to it too. I do think this article has gotten way off track, way beyond the Anschulss, dealing as it attempts to do, with "guilt" for political activities.

If it were NPOV and dealing with such extraneous matters, it would also explain how, 20 years before, the victors had dismembered Habsburg Austria, ripping away the lands of the Bohemian crown and the breadbasket of Hungary. History may always be written by the victors, and is always done so to emphasize the justice of victor's actions and the evil of the losers', but College anschließen a NPOV article we should be more concerned College anschließen stating the facts after all, no one is wholly bad and acts for what he considers to be good reasons --although we may disagree with those reasons College anschließen, and helping the reader to understand the rationale of both sides of any issue is important.

In any event, much of the material in this article is irrelevant to the subject of it College anschließen should, I believe, be removed to a more suitable place and recast into a dispassionate and impartial exposition of the subject. Well, I have read the article now, and am quite surprised how biased it is, especially given its current College anschließen status. The passage pointed to by Stan is maybe the worst paragraph, but there are similar passages throughout the articles 4th section Legacy.

Look, Martg and Buffy, I share these viewpoints. But they don't belong here. College anschließen they are much, much better sourced. So either this article is heavily POV, or it College anschließen poorly sourced. I would encourage you warmly to give this piece a very careful second look.

Err on the side of caution. Here are some of the things I noted:. I will poke about a bit myself, but it's probably better if most of the cleaning comes from the main authors after all, you know what you are talking about. I am confident that we can get the article fixed in no time. I originally came College anschließen this article in search of the text of the question Schuschnigg was submitting to the electorate at the plebicite.

Not the nature or jist of the question, but the actual wording.

Why does the fourth paragraph of the introduction perpetuate the American college untruth that the Rhineland was 'retaken' within ? This implies that it had been away since Germany by the Versailles Treaty? The Rhineland was remilitiarized , not 'retaken'. I have solely amended the write-up and restructued it a bid subsections for the Anschluss.

Especially some additions in the other part of the article. Could not find enough data for the reactions section french, US, some newspapers? Now addition I've added a couple of photos. I anticipation it is stream received, but but not, I chance that some of my peers bottle improved it otherwise comment on it.

Anschluss - description of Anschluss by The Free Glossary https: A political club, especially the one unifying Nazi Germany and Austria in Switch en route for new synonym dictionary. An group, especially of nations as a usual cause: References in periodicals archive? Asked in an interview through the Kurier daily i'm sorry? future generations could enroll from the Anschluss Collectible, van der Bellen replied: Austria marks 80 years since occupation by Hitler.

The supporter, Jaromir Hladik, is concerning to be executed beside firing gang for the crimes of resistance on the road to the Anschluss , his translation of the mysterious Sefer Yetzirah, and his Jewish personality. In Borges, Jewish Lessons for the Resistance.

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Potentially awkward situation with who I'm living with, what to do? Rhineland Retaken? " the Rhineland was retaken " Why does the fourth paragraph of the introduction perpetuate the American college myth that the. Buch bald anschliessen wird. Zur Zeit (September ) ist College Z. schon beim 9. Buche beschäftigt, von dem bisher nur einzelne Abschnitte erschienen..

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Trends of 'Anschluss'

Rhineland Retaken? " the Rhineland was retaken " Why does the fourth paragraph of the introduction perpetuate the American college myth that the. Buch bald anschliessen wird. Zur Zeit (September ) ist College Z. schon beim 9. Buche beschäftigt, von dem bisher nur einzelne Abschnitte erschienen.

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