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derjenige bin wenn ich nicht
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fo ift nicht derjenige, der auf der Wahrheit befieht, die llrfaclte der Trennung, Wohl fallen wir als Cbrifien uns der Liebe befieißigen, aber die Schrift fagt auch, wie Chriftits fpricht ferner: „Ich bin nicht gekommen, Frieden zu fenden, fondern . Siebert, Menhir und ich saßen als letzte um das Lagerfeuer herum. hat erzählt, dass dieser Dunkan in der Sache mit drin steckt, dass sie aber glaubt, dass er nicht derjenige ist, der hier entscheidet. Aber ich bin ja ein guter Taucher. In diesem Fall kannst du aber nichts falsch machen, wenn du gegen 20 uhr aufkreuzt. .. Ich bin so erzogen zu denken "Solange niemand etwas sagt, Wenn derjenige das zu dir so gesagt hat, möchte ich mal vermuten.

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DE41 32 BIC: Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. Now I'm trying to find out about the main differences between English language and German. Can you think of some striking differences?

Or an anecdote were communication failed because of too indirect indirectness? Kommentar can't bring any good ones to mind at the moment but here are a few examples: Kommunikation an sich ist schon schwierig genug. Ich habe seit ein paar Monaten einen englischen Freund und ich bin manchmal am Verzweifeln, weil ich nicht sicher bin, wann er etwas wirklich meint. I think we enjoy being vague [auf DE: Perhaps a small point, but you are looking for the differences in use of language by speakers of English and German.

The languages themselves I think show very little difference: So you are interested in a purely social phenomenon, and here you run the danger of entering the area of prejudice and stereotype.

But here is an example from my limited experience anyway: I have yet to hear a native English speaker in this case primarily from the US tell wenn ich nicht derjenige bin something unpleasant Man, your hair looks terrible today!

If you are suffering from constipation or an outbreak of hives, nobody expects to or wants to hear it. The normal response is "fine. Hier noch ein Artikel zum Thema. In der "German Survival Bible" aus der der Artikel stammt gibt es, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, noch mehr Artikel z. One aspect that's been discussed a lot here in the forum is the wenn ich nicht derjenige bin of requests. Subjunctive forms like 'could' and 'would' are very common in polite English; 'can I' or 'do you want to' can sound more offhand or less respectful.

Other differences are also often just a matter of degree. For instance, we are capable of saying a straight yes or no if you insist, even if we beat around the bush a bit first to take the edge off. Often in English it's understood that the first question and the first answer are more general, casual, tentative, noncommittal. That avoids putting anyone on the spot or seeming too pushy, and it allows for casual conversation in passing to take place at a rather superficial level without requiring too wenn ich nicht derjenige bin effort from anyone.

But if someone really wants an answer, they'll insist, and then you can say, 'Well, if you're really sure it's not too much trouble, I'd love to, thank you wenn ich nicht derjenige bin much' or 'Well, if you really want my honest opinion, I'm afraid I still see several problems with To me, that's too indirect. That is, along a spectrum of indirectness in all cultures, we're probably somewhere more in the middle than totally opposite to German speakers.

I agree with the others, though, that pointed questions or judgments about personal health, appearance, etc. Here's an example of how we might address the 'Your hair looks terrible today' concept: You look a little tired.

Are you having a rough week? Yeah, that deadline is really a bear, I'm under a lot of stress right now too. Say, did you do something different to your hair? Well, you know, now that you mention it I think I sort of liked the way you had it before better.

But maybe the new look will grow on me. Of course, this wenn ich nicht derjenige bin not in the end necessarily much less truthful, since everyone knows that 'You look really tired' is often just a euphemism for 'You look terrible,' but somehow it doesn't feel quite as hurtful. That said, my observation just from here in the forum is that the range of differences among personality types is almost as wide as the cultural difference itself.

That is, there are plenty of blunt English speakers and plenty of polite German speakers, so generalizing isn't necessarily that productive because the exceptions always overlap. Having wenn ich nicht derjenige bin read the Spiegel link in 8, I agree with most of it, except this sentence: To me, 'We wenn ich nicht derjenige bin get together sometime' is a typical first-round gambit that opens up a possibility without getting too specific.

It could mean that the speaker isn't very serious and is only saying something to be polite, but it could also just mean that the speaker doesn't really know whether the listener would really like to. If you respond with obvious interest and ask when might be a good time, the speaker could say something discouraging 'The thing is, the whole next month or so is just really busy for me'in which case you know to back off, or something encouraging 'Really?

You don't happen to like Wenn ich nicht derjenige bin food, do you? Because there's this place I've been wanting to try for lunch But not too fast. Give the person time to sleep on it. It allows you to take your time to feel the other person out and discern what they really want, as well as to take your time to decide what you really want. In fact, maybe the time thing is part of wenn ich nicht derjenige bin cultural difference too, which might tally with the general German preference for promptness.

Though again, individuals often don't correspond to any of these stereotypes. My reaction is that the other person is telling me that I don't know my own feelings opinions, what-ever. In Germany, I cannot get Germans to come to parties on time. If I say the affair will begin at 7: Germans generally do not give the time of an evening affair. Rather, they say something like, 'I'm having a birthday party on the evening of the 20th. Das ist das, woran ich mich erinnern kann.

In diesem Fall kannst du aber nichts falsch machen, wenn du gegen 20 uhr aufkreuzt. Dementsprechend wird auch die Nennung einer Wenn ich nicht derjenige bin eher als uverbindliche Empfehlung verstanden.

Almost all our German friends come late, and we now plan with that in mind ie. Man wenn ich nicht derjenige bin sich gut und reiste sogar ein paar Tage zusammen durch die Staaten. Ich denke, das ist auch so ein Unterschied: Gibt es eine gute Testfrage?

Since it was Thanksgiving dinner and the people were also bringing hot sit-down-style food to complement the turkey, which the Germans had to know about, since 1 I invited them year-in, year-out and 2 I made it explicit no, I didn't add "sonst die Suppe And so, I wound up inviting the Germans an hour early and then many of them were surprised that a dinner would start so early and came after eight any-way.

I was just mentioning it to add to the discussion. Einladung bei zu Hause. Ich hab' mehrere solche Gesichten gehoert.

Anscheinend passiert das viele Deutsche in Amerika. Ich hab' sowas nie bez. Als sie gerade vom Schwimmen kam, stellte die Schwiegermutter fest, dass sich die Haare meiner Bekannten im nassen Zustand aber besonders kringelten. My naturally curly hair was constantly admired when I was a kid in the US, which drove me mad.

I certainly would not have said thank you if someone pointed it out, unless she had said "Oh, your hair is just so wonderfully curly, even when it is wet! Ich kenne das gar nicht anders. Wir sind alle so um die Das wirkt auch sehr erzieherisch. Probably the only thing where Germans are more indirect that English native speakers is when someone's giving you a refill. When I practise that in Britain, people usually just take it as "thanks for the refill" and pour until the glass is full Nightman, ich sehe das ebenso wie Birgila.

I have wenn ich nicht derjenige bin postcard which I bought in England. On the top it says "How to complain in English" and underneath there are four small drawings of a couple in a restaurant. In the first picture, the woman says "There's a worm in my side-salad".

Second picture, the man says, "My steak is as tough as old boots. My English boyfriend says it's so true. Whenever we go out for a meal and something isn't right, I will tell the waiter so. After all, we leave a lot of money at the place and want to make sure that we get good quality food and service.

I will, of course, also tell them when the food was good and we were happy with the service! He says before he moved here, he wouldn't dream of complaining at a restaurant or in a shop. I find it only fair to give them feedback, be it positive or negative. Sophil - Ja, ich hab' die Freundinnen das gesagt. Aber ein Jahr spaeter kommen mehrere immer spaet. Und, ja, ich warte nicht mehrb- aber dann fehlen die Kartoffeln oder XY.

Ich behaupte, die Deutschen nur meinen, dass "alle" Deutsche zum Essen puenktlich sind. Tuer einen Outsider ist die Wirklichkeit schmerzlich einfach su erkennen. Aber das ist meine Erziehung. Als uns Bekannte aus Kanada besuchten, war ich mit ihnen Sight-seeing. Ich habe immer das Auto gefahren, da unsere Besucher nur Automatik fahren.

Die kanadischen Bekannten haben dann ab und zu gefragt "Are you alright with driving? Muss der Einfluss des Balkans sein. Wie gesagt, wenn der Service gut war, sage ich das ja auch. Aber was stimmt denn damit nicht, wenn ich im Restaurant minderwertiges Essen vorgestzt bekomme und das wenn ich nicht derjenige bin sage?

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Politeness and Indirectness in English

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Will masturbation break my fast? Ein gesunder Leib ist nicht derjenige, dessen bleiche Wangen mit Karmin Aber ich will's wieder lesen, wenn ich gesund bin, um zu sehen, wie ich mich in. fo ift nicht derjenige, der auf der Wahrheit befieht, die llrfaclte der Trennung, Wohl fallen wir als Cbrifien uns der Liebe befieißigen, aber die Schrift fagt auch, wie Chriftits fpricht ferner: „Ich bin nicht gekommen, Frieden zu fenden, fondern ..

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