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DESCRIPTION: As of Julythe population was , an increase of 11, over that reported in the Census. For most of the google jobs oklahoma stadt century, the city held the nickname " Oil Capital of the World " and played a major role as one of the most important hubs for the American oil industry. Historically, a robust energy sector fueled Tulsa's economy; however, today the city has diversified and leading sectors include finance, aviation, telecommunications and technology.

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As of Julythe population was , an increase of 11, over that reported in the Census. For most of the 20th century, the city held the nickname " Oil Capital of the World " and played a major role as one of the most important hubs for the American oil industry.

Historically, a robust energy sector fueled Tulsa's economy; however, today the city has diversified and leading sectors include finance, aviation, telecommunications and technology. It is situated on the Arkansas River at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in northeast Oklahoma, a region of the state known as " Green Country ".

Considered the cultural and arts center of Oklahoma, [10] [11] Tulsa houses two world-renowned art museums, full-time professional opera and ballet companies, and one of the nation's largest concentrations of art deco architecture. The area where Tulsa now exists was considered Indian Territory when it was first formally settled by the Lochapoka and Creek tribes in This area and this tree reminded Chief Tukabahchi and his small group of trail of tear survivors of google jobs oklahoma stadt bend in the river and their previous Creek Council Oak Tree back google jobs oklahoma stadt the Talisi, Alabama area.

They named their new settlement Google jobs oklahoma stadtmeaning "old town" in the Google jobs oklahoma stadt language, which later became "Tulsa".

Although Oklahoma was not yet a state during the Civil Warthe Tulsa area saw its share of fighting. The Battle of Chusto-Talasah took place on the north side of Tulsa and a number of battles and skirmishes took place in nearby counties. After the War, the tribes signed Reconstruction treaties with the federal government that in some cases required substantial land concessions. In the years after the Civil War and around the turn of the century, the area along the Arkansas River that is now Tulsa was periodically home to or visited by a google jobs oklahoma stadt of colorful outlaws, including the legendary Wild Bunchthe Dalton Gangand Little Britches.

On January 18,Google jobs oklahoma stadt was officially incorporated and elected its first mayor, Edward Calkins. Tulsa was still a small town near the banks of the Arkansas River in when its first oil well, google jobs oklahoma stadt Sue Bland No.

Much of the oil was discovered on land whose mineral rights were owned by google jobs oklahoma stadt of the Osage Nation under a system of headrights. Bythe discovery of the large Glenn Pool located approximately 15 miles south of downtown Tulsa and site of the present-day town google jobs oklahoma stadt Glenpool prompted a rush of entrepreneurs to the area's growing number of oil fields; Tulsa's population swelled to over google jobs oklahoma stadt, between and This migration distinguished the city's demographics from neighboring communities Tulsa has larger and more prominent Catholic and Jewish populations than most Oklahoma cities and is reflected in the designs of early Tulsa's upscale neighborhoods.

Known as the "Oil Capital of the World" for most of the 20th century, the city's success in google jobs oklahoma stadt energy industry prompted construction booms in the popular Art Deco style of the time.

In the early 20th century, Tulsa was home to the " Black Wall Street ", one of the most prosperous black communities in the United States at the time. An official report later claimed that 23 black and 16 white citizens were killed, but other estimates suggest as many as people died, most of them black. InTulsa businessman Cyrus Averyknown as the "Father of Route 66 ," [25] began his campaign to create a road linking Chicago to Los Angeles by establishing the U.

Highway 66 Association in Tulsa, earning the city the nickname the "Birthplace of Route 66". Route 66 took an important role in Tulsa's development as the city served as a popular rest stop for travelers, who were greeted by Route 66 icons such as the Meadow Gold Sign and the Blue Whale of Catoosa.

During this period, Bob Wills and his group, The Texas Playboysbegan their long performing stint at a small ballroom in downtown Tulsa. InCain's Ballroom became the base for the group, [21] which is largely credited for creating Western Swing music.

The venue continued to attract famous musicians through its history, and is still in operation today. For the remainder of the midth century, the city had a master plan to construct parks, churches, museums, rose gardens, improved infrastructure, and increased national advertising.

A national recession greatly affected the city's economy inas areas of Texas and Oklahoma heavily dependent on oil suffered the freefall google jobs oklahoma stadt gas prices due to a glut, and a mass exodus of oil industries.

Inthe " Vision " program was approved by voters, to enhance and revitalize Tulsa's infrastructure and tourism industry. The keystone project of the initiative, the BOK Centerwas designed to be a home for the city's minor league hockey and arena football teams, as well as a venue for major concerts and conventions. The multi-purpose arena, google jobs oklahoma stadt by famed architect Cesar Pellibroke ground in [29] and was opened on August 30, The city touches the eastern extent of the Cross Timbersan ecoregion of forest and prairie transitioning from the drier plains google jobs oklahoma stadt the west to the wetter forests of the east.

Located near the google jobs oklahoma stadt edge of the U. Interior Google jobs oklahoma stadtnortheastern Oklahoma is the most topographically diverse part of the state, containing seven of Oklahoma's 11 eco-regions [33] and more than half of its state parks. The city developed on both sides of the prominent Arkansas Riverwhich flows google jobs oklahoma stadt a wide, sandy-bottomed channel. Its flow through the Tulsa area is controlled by upstream flood control reservoirsbut its width and depth can vary widely throughout the year, such as during periods of high rainfall or severe drought.

A low-water dam was built to maintain a full channel at all times in the area adjacent to downtown Tulsa. This portion of the river was known as Zink Lake. However, the City of Tulsa allowed the dam to deteriorate and it no longer functions to retain the lake for which it was designed. Heavily wooded and with abundant parks and water areas, the city google jobs oklahoma stadt several prominent hills, such as "Shadow Mountain" and "Turkey Mountain", which create varied terrain, especially in its southern portions.

While its central and northern sections are generally flat to gently undulating, the Osage Hills extension into the northwestern part of the city further varies the landscape. A building boom in Tulsa in the early 20th century coincided with the rise of art deco architecture in the United States. A collection of large art deco structures such as the Mid-Continent Towerthe Boston Avenue Methodist ChurchWill Rogers High School and the Philtowerhave attracted events promoting preservation and architectural interest.

InTulsa served as the host city for the International Art Deco Congress, a semiannual event designed to promote art deco architecture internationally. In addition, the city's early prosperity google jobs oklahoma stadt the construction of a number of elegant Google jobs oklahoma stadt, Georgian, storybook, Tudor, Greek Revival, Italianate, Spanish revival, and colonial revival homes many google jobs oklahoma stadt which can be found in Tulsa's uptown and Midtown neighborhoods.

Building booms in later half of the twentieth century gave the city a larger base of contemporary architectural styles, including a number of buildings by famed architect Bruce Goffwho lived in Tulsa. South, East and Midtown Tulsa are also home to a number of ranch and Mid-Century Modern homes that reflect Tulsa's prosperous post-war period.

The BOK CenterTulsa's new arena, incorporates many of the city's most prominent themes, including Native American, art deco, and contemporary architectural styles. Downtown Tulsa is an area of approximately 1. The city's historical residential core lies in an area known as Midtown, containing upscale neighborhoods built in google jobs oklahoma stadt early 20th century with architecture ranging from art deco to Greek Revival.

A large portion of the city's southern half has developed since the s, containing low density housing and retail developments. This region, marked by secluded homes and suburban neighborhoods, contains one of the state's largest shopping malls, Woodland Hills Mallas well as Southern Hills Country Cluband Oral Roberts University.

East of Highway and north of 61st street, a diverse racial makeup marks the eastern portions of the city, with large Asian and Mexican communities and much of the google jobs oklahoma stadt manufacturing industry. Areas of Tulsa west of the Arkansas River are called West Tulsaand are marked by large parks, wilderness reserves, and large oil refineries. In Walk Google jobs oklahoma stadt ranked Tulsa 34th "most walkable" of U.

The city lacks significant infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists to traverse the city, but has made efforts to expand this infrastructure as part of its "GoPlan". Average monthly precipitation is lowest from December to February, and peaks dramatically in May, which averages 5. Early June can still be wet, but late June through the end of August frequently is dry.

On average, Tulsa experiences a secondary rainfall peak in Google jobs oklahoma stadt and early October. As is typical of temperate zones, weather patterns vary by season with occasional extremes in temperature and rainfall. Primarily in the spring and early summer months, the city is subjected to severe thunderstorms containing large haildamaging winds, and, occasionally, tornadoes[54] providing the area with a disproportionate share of its annual rainfall.

For instance, on December 5,and on December 24,Tulsa experienced tornadoes. A tornado struck Tulsa early on the morning of Sunday, August 6, The funnel touched down just after 1 A.

Friday's and Whataburger, were particularly hard hit, with several persons being sent to hospitals for treatment. According to the CensusTulsa had a population ofand the racial and ethnic composition was as follows: As of the censusthere werepeople,households, and 95, families residing in the city, with a population density of 2, Of all households, The average household size was 2.

In the city proper, the age distribution was For every females, there were The Tulsa Metropolitan Areaor the google jobs oklahoma stadt immediately surrounding Tulsa with strong social and economic ties to the city, [71] occupies a large portion of the state's northeastern quadrant.

It is informally known google jobs oklahoma stadt " Green Country ", a longstanding name adopted the state's official tourism designation for all of northeastern Oklahoma its usage in relation to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area can be traced to the early part of the 20th century. Tulsa has a rich and diverse religious history, with notable and culturally significant communities of ChristiansJewsMuslims and others. Tulsa is part of the Southern google jobs oklahoma stadt demographers and commentators refer to google jobs oklahoma stadt the " Bible Belt ," where Protestant and, in particular, Southern Baptist and other evangelical Christian google jobs oklahoma stadt are very prominent.

Tulsa is also home to a number of vibrant Mainline Protestant congregations. Some of these congregations were founded during the oil boom of the early twentieth century and are noted for their architecture such as the art deco Boston Avenue Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa.

While the state of Oklahoma has fewer Roman Catholics than the national average, [77] Tulsa has a higher percentage owing in large part to the google jobs oklahoma stadt of Eastern and Midwestern settlers during the oil boom.

Tulsa's Catholic community is atypically prominent for a Southern city and includes Governor and U. BartlettCongressmen James R. Jones and John A. SullivanGovernor Frank KeatingU.

Tulsa is also home to the google jobs oklahoma stadt Jewish community in Oklahoma, with active Reform, Conservative and Orthodox congregations. Traditionally, Tulsa's economy has google jobs oklahoma stadt led by the energy industry. At its creation, the association worked to provide petroleum to the Allied forces. In the decades since its establishment, the association is recognized as a leading advocate for producers of domestic oil and gas.

In addition, ConocoPhillips was google jobs oklahoma stadt in nearby Google jobs oklahoma stadt. Industry consolidation and increased offshore drilling threatened Tulsa's status as an oil capital, but new drilling techniques and the rise of natural gas has buoyed the growth of the city's energy sector.

Tulsa has diversified to capitalize on its status as a regional hub with substantial innovation assets. Tulsa's primary employers are small and medium-sized businesses: During a national recession from tothe city lost 28, jobs. Projects spurred by the initiative promised urban revitalization, infrastructure improvement, tourism development, riverfront retail development, and further diversification of the economy.

As ofemployment google jobs oklahoma stadt have surpassed pre-recession heights [83] [89] and the city is in a significant economic development and investment surge. The unemployment rate of Tulsa in August was 4. Though the oil industry has historically dominated Tulsa's economy, efforts in economic diversification have created a base in the sectors of aerospacefinance, technology, telecommunications, high techand manufacturing.

Among these financial services firms are energy trading operations, asset management firms, investment funds, and a range of commercial banks. Tulsa google jobs oklahoma stadt also home to the Marshall Brewing Company.

Tulsa is also a hub for national construction and engineering companies including Manhattan Construction Company and Flintco. Google jobs oklahoma stadt number of google jobs oklahoma stadt Cherokee Nation Businesses are also headquartered or have substantial operations in Tulsa.


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If you're ready for a new challenging job, Browse Jobs on Monster and take a look at our Popular Job Locations and Job Titles. You can also take a look at. Tulsa /ˈtʌlsə/ is the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma and 47th-most populous city in .. During a national recession from to , the city lost 28, jobs. In response, a development initiative, Vision , promised to incite. Jahre nach Errichtung der Weißenhofsiedlung soll die Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) StadtRegion Stuttgart international sichtbare Zeichen für.

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