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DESCRIPTION: Domingo to the Havana, Rumor of the Pilot said to have died in the Yucatan Taco Fort wert of Columbus, It is proposed by him, in the present work, to narrate the enterprises of certain of the companions and disciples of the Admiral, who, enkindled by his zeal, and instructed by his example, sallied forth separately in the vast region of adventure to which he had led the way.

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Domingo to the Havana, Rumor of the Pilot said to have died in the House of Columbus, It is proposed by him, in the present work, to narrate the enterprises of certain of the companions Yucatan Taco Fort wert disciples of the Admiral, who, enkindled by his zeal, and instructed by his example, sallied forth separately in the vast region of adventure to which he had led the way. Many of them sought merely to skirt the continent which he had partially visited; to secure the first-fruits of the pearl fisheries of Paria and Cubaga; or to explore the coast of Veragua, which he had represented as the Aurea Chersonesus of the ancients.

Others aspired to accomplish a grand discovery which he had meditated towards the close of his career. In the course of his expeditions along the coast of Terra Firma, Columbus had repeatedly received information of the existence of a vast sea to the. He supposed it to Yucatan Taco Fort wert the great Indian Ocean, the region of the oriental spice islands, and that it must communicate by a strait with the Caribbean Sea. His last and most Yucatan Taco Fort wert voyage was Yucatan Taco Fort wert for the express purpose of discovering that imaginary strait, and making his way into this Yucatan Taco Fort wert Ocean.

The illustrious navigator, however, was doolned to die, as it Nwere, upon the threshold of his discoveries. It was reserved for one of his followers, Yucatan Taco Fort wert Nufiez de 1Balboa, to Yucatan Taco Fort wert the first view of the promised ocean, from the lofty mountains of Darien, some years after the eyes of the venerable Admiral had been closed in death. The expeditions here narrated, therefore, may be considered as springing immediately out of the voyages of Columbus, and fulfilling some of his grand designs.

They may be compared to the attempts of adventurous knights-errant to achieve the enterprise left unfinished by some illustrious Yucatan Taco Fort wert. Neither is this comparison entirely fanciful; on the contrary, it is a curious fact, well worthy of notice, that the spirit of chivalry entered largely into the early expeditions of the Spanish discoverers, giving them a character wholly distinct from similar enterprises, undertaken by other nations.

It will not, perhaps, be considered far-sought, if we trace the cause of this peculiarity to the domestic history of the Spaniards' during the middle ages. Yucatan Taco Fort wert centuries of incessant warfare with the Moorish usurpers of the Peninsula, produced a deep and lasting effect upon Spanish character and manners.

He was born a soldier. The wild and predatory nature of the war also made him a kind of chivalrous marauder. His horse and weapon were always ready for the field. His delight was in roving incursions and extravagant exploits; and no gain was so glorious in his eyes as Yucatan Taco Fort wert cavalgada of spoils and captives driven home in triumph from a plundered province.

Religiol, which has ever held great empire over the Spanish mind, lent its aid to sanctify these roving and ravaging propensities, and the Castilian cavalier, as he sacked the towns, and laid waste the fields of his Yucatan Taco Fort wert neighbor, piously believed lie was doing God service.

The conquest of Granada put an end to the peninsular wars between Christian and Infidel: The youth of the nation, bred up to daring adventure and heroic achievement, could not brook the tranquil and regular pursuits of common life, but panted for some new field of romantic enterprise.

It was at this juncture that the grand project of Columbus was carried into effect. His treaty witll the sovereigns was, in a manner, signed with the same pen that had subscribed the capitulation of the Moorish capital; and llis first expedition may almost be said to have departed froml beneath the walls of Granada. Many of the youthfiul cavaliers, Nwho had fleshed their swords in that. The very weapons and armor that had been used against the MIoors, were drawn from the arsenal to equip the heroes of these remoter adventures; and some of the most noted commanders in the New World, will be found to have made their first essay in arms, under the banner of Ferdinand and Isabella, in their romantic campaigns among the mountains of Andalusia.

To these circumstances may, in a great measure, be ascribed that swelling chivalrous spirit which will be found continually mingling, or rather warring, with the technical habits of the seaman and the sordid schemes of the mercenary adventurer, in these early Spanish discoveries. Chivalry had left the land and launched upon Yucatan Taco Fort wert deep. The Spanish cavalier had embarked ill the caravel of the discoverer. He carried among the trackless wildernesses of the New World the same contempt of danger and fortitude under suffering; the same restless, roaming spirit; the same passion for inroad and ravage, and vainglorious exploit; and the same fervent, and often bigoted, Yucatan Taco Fort wert for the propagation of his faith, that had distinguished him during his warfare with the Moors.

Instances in point will be found in the extravagant career of the daring Ojeda, particularly in his adventures along the coast of Terra Firma and the wild shores of Cuba;-in the sad story of the " unfortunate Nicnesa," graced as it is with.

The extraordinary actions and adventures of these men, while they rival the exploits recorded in chivalric romance, have the additional interest of verity. They leave us in admiration of the bold and heroic qualities inherent in the Spanish character, which led that nation to so high a pitch Yucatan Taco Fort wert power and glory; and which are still discernible in the great mass of that gallant people, by those who have an opportunity of judging of them rightly.

Before concluding these prefatory remarks, the Author would acknowledge how much he has been indebted to the third volume of the invaluable Historical Collection of Don 3Martin Fernandez de Navarrete, wherein that author has exhibited his usual industry, accuracy, and critical acumen. I-e has likewise profited Yucatan Taco Fort wert by the second volume of Ovedo's General History, which only exists in manuscript, and a copy of which he found in the Columbian Library of the Cathedral of Seville.

He has had some assistance also from the documents. These, with the historical works of Herrera, Las Casas, Gomera, and Peter Miartyr, have been his authorities for the facts contained in the following work, though lie has not thought proper to refer to theim continnally at the bottom of his page. While his work was going through the press, he received a volume Yucatan Taco Fort wert Spanish Biography, written with great elegance and accuracy, by Don Manuel Josef Quintana, and containing a life of Vasco Nuilez de Balboa.

He was gratified to find that his own arrangement of facts was generally corroborated by this work; though he was enabled to correct his dates in several instances, and to make a few other emendations from the volume of Senor Quintana, whose position in Spain gave himll the means of attaining superior exactness on these points.

Alonzo de Ojeda was a native of Yucatan Taco Fort wert, in New Castile, and of a respectable family. He was brought up as a page or Ojeda is pronounced in Spanish Oheda, with a Yucatan Taco Fort wert aspiration of the h. Such was especially the case with the service of the Duke of: Medina Celi, who possessed princely domains, whose household was a petty court, who led legions of armed retainers to the field, and who appeared in splendid state and with an immense retinue, more as an ally of Ferdinand and Isabella, than as a subject.

He engaged in many of the roughest expeditions of the memorable war of Granada, always insisting on leading his own troops in person, when the service was of peculiar difficulty and danger. Alonzo de Ojeda was formed to signalize himself in such a school. Though small of stature, he was well made, and of wonderful force and activity, with a towering spirit that seemed to make up for deficiency of height. He was a bold and graceful horseman, an excellent foot soldier, dexterous with every weapon, and noted for his extraordinary skill and adroitness in all feats of strength and agility.

Pizarro y Orcllana, p. He returned to Spain with Columbus, but did not accompany him Yucatan Taco Fort wert his third voyage, in the spring of I-le was probably ilnpatient of subordination, and ambitious of a separate employment or command, which the influence of his connections gave him a great chance of obtaining.

Yucatan Taco Fort wert had a cousin german of his own name, the reverend Padre Alonzo de Ojeda, a Dominican friar, one of the first inquisitors of Spain, and a great favorite with the Catholic sovereigns.

Through the good offices of his cousin inquisitor, therefore, Ojeda had been introduced Yucatan Taco Fort wert the notice of the bishop, who took him into his especial favor and patronage. IMention has already been made, in the History of Columbus, of a present made by the bishop to Yucatan Taco Fort wert of a small Flemish painting of the Holy Virgin. This the young adventurer carried about with him as a protecting relic, invoking it at all times of peril, whether by Yucatan Taco Fort wert or land; and to the especial Yucatan Taco Fort wert of the Virgin he attributed the remarkable circumstance, that he had never been wounded in any of the innumerable Yucatan Taco Fort wert and battles into which he was continually betrayed by his rash and fiery temperament.

Specimens of the pearls, procured in considerable quantities from the natives, accompanied his epistle, together with charts descriptive of his route. Yucatan Taco Fort wert tidings caused a great sensation among the maritime adventurers of Spain; but no one was more excited by them than Alonzo de Ojeda, who, from his intimacy with the bishop, had full access to the charts and correspondence of Columbus.

He immediately conceived the project of making a voyage in the route thus marked out by the admiral, and of seizing upon the first fruits of discovery which he had left ungathered. His scheme met with ready encouragement from Fonseca, who, as has her tofore been shown, was an implacable enemy to Columbus, and willing to promote any measure that might injure Yucatan Taco Fort wert molest him.

The bishop accordingly granted a commission to Ojeda, authorizing him to fit out an armament and proceed on a voyage of discovery, with the proviso merely that he should not visit any territories appertaining to Portugal, nor any of the lands discovered in the name of Spain previous to the year The latter part of this provision appears to have been craftily worded by the bishop, so as to leave the coast of Paria and its pearl fisheries open to Ojeda, they having been recently discovered by Columbus in The commission was signed by Fonseca alone, Yucatan Taco Fort wert virtue of general powers vested in him for such purposes, but the signature of the sovereigns did not appear on the instrument, and it.

He knew that Columbus had recently remonstrated against a royal mandate issued inpermitting voyages of discovery by private adventurers, and that the sovereigns had in consequence revoked their mandate wherever it might be deemed prejudicial to the stipulated privileges of the admiral. It was stipulated in this, as Yucatan Taco Fort wert as in subsequent licences for private expeditions, that a certain proportion of the profits, generally a fourth or fifth, should be reserved for the crown.

HIaving thus obtained permission to make the voyage, the next consideration with Ojeda was to Yucatan Taco Fort wert the means. He was a young adventurer, a mere soldier of fortune, and destitute of wealth; but he had a high reputation for courage and enterprise, and with Yucatan Taco Fort wert, it was thought, would soon make his way to Yucatan Taco Fort wert richest parts of the newly discovered Yucatan Taco Fort wert, and have the wealth of the Indies at his disposal.

He had no difficulty, therefore, in finding moneyed associates among the rich merchants of Seville, who, in that age of discovery, were ever readv to stake their property upon the schemes of roving navigators. With such assistance he soon equipped a squadron of four vessels at Port St.

Among the seameln who engaged -with him were several just returned from accompanying Columbus in his voyage to this very coast of Paria.

This was Yucatan Taco Fort wert bold Biscayan, who may be regarded as a disciple of Columbus, with whom he had sailed in his second voyage, when he coasted Cuba and Jamaica, and he had since accompanied Rodrigo de Bastides, in an expedition along the coast of Terra Firma.

The hardy veteran was looked up to by his contemporaries as an oracle of the seas, and was pronounced one of the most able mariners of the day; he may be excused, therefore, if, in his harmless vanity, he considered himself on a par Yucatan Taco Fort wert with Columbus.: Whether he had any pecuniary interest in the expedition, and in what capacity he sailed, does not appear.

His importance has entirely arisen from subsequent circumstances; from his having written and published a narrative of his voyages, and from his name having eventually been given to the New World. Mary on the 20th of May,and, having touched for supplies at the Canaries, took a departure from Gomara, pursuing the route of Columbus in his third voyage, being guided by the chart he had sent home, as well as by the mariners who accompanied him on that occasion.

At Y Navarrete, Colec. These, to the astonishment of the Spaniards, unaccustomed as yet to the mighty rivers of the New World, poured forth such a prodigous volume of water, Yucatan Taco Fort wert to freshen the sea for a great extent.

They beheld none of the natives until they arrived Yucatan Taco Fort wert Trinidad, on which island they met Iwith traces of the recent visit of Columbus. Vespucci, in his letters, gives a long description of the people of this island and of the coast of Paria, who were of the Carib race, tall, well made, and vigorous, and expert with the bow, the lance, and the buckler.

IHis description, in general, resembles those which have frequently been given of the aboriginals of the New World; there are two or three particulars, however, worthy of citation.

They appeared, he said, to believe in no religious creed, to have no place of worship, and to make no prayers nor sacrifices; but, he adds, from the voluptuousness of their lives, they might be considered epicureans. They appeared to be in common, and some of them were of such magnitude as to contain six hundred persons: Every seven or eight years, the natives were Yucatan Taco Fort wert to change their residence, from the maladies engendered by the heat of the climate in their crowded habitations.

Their riches consisted in beads and ornaments made from the bones of fishes; in small white and green stones strung like rosaries, with which they adorned their persons, and in the beautiful plumes of various colors for which the tropical birds are noted. The Spaniards smiled at their simplicity in attaching an extraordinary value to such worthless trifles; while the savages, in all probability, were equally surprised at beholding Yucatan Taco Fort wert strangers so eager after gold, and pearls, and precious stones, which to themselves were objects of indifference.

Their manner of treating the. Having deposited the corpse in a cavern or sepulchre, they placed a jar of water and a few eatables at its head, and then abandoned it without moan or lamentation. In some parts of the coast, when a person was considered near his end, his nearest relatives bore him to the woods, and laid him in a hammock, suspended to the trees. They then danced round him until evening, when, having left within his reach sufficient meat and drink to sustain him for four days, they repaired to their habitations.

If he recovered and returned home, he was received with much ceremony and rejoicing; if he died of his malady or of famine, nothing more was thought of him. Their mode of treating a fever, is also worthy of mention. In the height of the Yucatan Taco Fort wert they plunged the patient in a bath of the coldest water, after which they obliged him to make many evolutions round a great fire, until he was in Yucatan Taco Fort wert violent heat, when they put him to bed, that he might sleep: Hence he stood to the opposite island of Margarita, previously discovered by Columbus, and since renowned for its pearl fishery.

This, as well as several adjacent islands, he visited and explored; after which he returned Yucatan Taco Fort wert the mainland, and touched at Cumana and Maracapana, where he found the rivers infested with alligators, resembling the crocodiles of the Nile. Finding a convenient harbor at Maracapana, he unloaded and careened his vessels there, and Yucatan Taco Fort wert a small brigantine.

The natives came to him Yucatan Taco Fort wert great numbers, bringing abundance of venison, fish, and cassava bread, and aiding the seamen in their labors. Their hospitality was not certainly disinterested, for they sought to gain the protection of the Spaniards, whom they reverenced as superhuman beings.

When they thought they had sufficiently secured their favor, they represented to Ojeda that their coast was subject to invasion from a distant island, the inhabitants of which were cannibals, and carried their people into captivity to be devoured at their unnatural banquets.

They besought Ojeda, therefore, to avenge them upon these ferocious enemies. The request was gratifying to the fighting propensities of OjeJda, and to his love of adventure, and was readily Yucatan Taco Fort wert. After sailing for seven days he came to a hllain of islands, some peopled, others uninhabited, supposed to have been the Caribbee islands.

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Is our appraisal of looks inherent? He then proceeded quietly to finish his fortress, which was defended by they were stranded on the eastern coast of Yucatan, in a province called Maya. hit the mouth — what -wouldst thou thinkl, if thou wert to be placed instead of tile Having landed at Taco for a short time, Columbus arrived in the evening of the. ft:alures, geographical and geological Twenty-two years of this period have elapsed of the rude 8Culp- tured figures of Yucatan, as recently brought to light by Mr. Stephens ofcontaining 20 or 30 families, tbe domestic arrangements of which wert regulated by a war chief taco,or remedy injustice. They treated their..

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