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DESCRIPTION: Holler Explosion at Hartford. Sickles and Minister Jay Re turning Hoiue. Probabilities Ibr the Middle Slates:

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Bend for circulars for advertising rates and address all letters to - J. Jntlge of the Supreme Court: Secretary of Intermit AJfuirs: A long and active political compaign in this Slate is what Chairman Cooper predicts, and it. Brass bands are Sexwein App up, stump speakers have their speeches mapped out, and thrifty politicians are now laying in a supply of oil while it is forty cents a barrel at the wells.

Invitations were issued last week for the organization of of the Reading Union League, and they will soon be ready with their caps and torches to join the throng of campaign clubs.

There's musio in the air, and before election day rolls around there will be many to feel a weariness from the prolonged excitement. The progress of Young Men's Christian Association work Sexwein App this country has been shown by the reports submitted at the lale annual conference of the General Secretaries, some in number, at New Haven, Conn.

During tho present year new buildings have been erected at Kome, N. In addition to the work al - ready taken up among railroad employees and college students Uie International Committee has recently taken up work for commercial travelers, a class that numbers-and nearly 1 all young men.

Then there was no State or Provincial Association Secretaries; now there are eleven, having charge of the Sexwein App in as many Stales and provinces.

General Secretary Ilerr and Mr. Anderson, of Reading were present at the New Haven Sexwein App. The results of these annual gatherings are to stimulate the Associations iu their efforts to reach young men, to promote Bible study and personal work, and to quicken the spiritual life of the Secretaries.

The tariff story against Senator Cameron turns out to have been a "huge joke" played on a reporter of the Philadelphia Ertning Telegraph by one whose name is known to the publisher of th Evening Xeies, and who denies that any such speech as was alleged to have been uttered by the senior Senator Sexwein App fell from his lip.

A full exposure of the manner in which the absurd speech was put into the mouth of Mr. Cameron, and afterwards elaborated and spread through the Stule by Sexwein App and enemies of the Republican party in general, appeared in the Erening Kins of Thursday and Friday of last week.

It appears that Sexwein App is not one particle of truth in the statements published in I he firming Telegraph and the Pre. The Xeirs after the most careful investigation pronounces the whole story utterly untrue Sexwein App defies the Telegraph or Press to prove their assertions that it is true.

These papers claimed to have "fully investigated" the matter and to have satisfied themselves of its truthfulness. So persistently was the charge stuck lo, and ho widely was it published, that Senator Cameron has found it necessary to come out iu a denial. Cameron has met il with an emphatic Sexwein App over his own name the country will expect and demand at their hands the substantiation of the charges they have preferred.

Cameron snys the story is false. They say it is true. Let the - V' now do what it further Sexwein App to do, viz.

The New York Unuld says it is almost inconceivable that reformers of the Mitchell stamp should have made so serious a charge without some foundation in fact. It is equally inconceivable that Senator Cameron, who, although comparatively young in years, is very old in Pennsylvania political methods and management, should have Sexwein App the threat attributed to him, and which he denies ever having made. II is word will go a great way with the country, and he has by his denial shifted the responsibility from bis own shoulders to those of the opposition to him.

They have made the charge; he denies it. Cameron is a political "boss," but bosses have rights as well as their opponents, and they should not be howled down the wind without a hearing. The Pennsylvania reformers have placed their "boss" on trial. Wk have Sexwein App authorized to state that J. Sexwein App, whose name appeared among a number of others as having espoused the Independent Republican cause, is not J.

This Chicago Inter - Ocean pointedly illustrates the present status of the Independents by the story of the old negro superintending a right between a woodchuck nnd a coon. First he would prod one, then the other. Sometimes I'm info' de coon, and Sexwein App for de grotm' hog, sah, but I wants do one I kin git de most outenj an' it seems to me de one on top am alius de bess. In fairy stories and the Arabian Night tales, as also in the ten cent dime novels, there is always a wonderful concurrence of fortuitous events that couldn't turn oul more happily if they were all prearranged to order.

If Ab - dclgobraugh, son of the Califf of Bagdad, falls in love with a young lady looking out of a balcony window, straightway he meets a duenno on the next street corner who tells him that the same young lady is. When Captain Jack, the dashing dare - devil Sexwein App the plains, encounters a bear who litis the poor fellow down on the ground, nnd has just opened his mouth to Sexwein App off the captain's head, in pops Sandy Jim, who was supposed to be a hundred miles away, and shoots that "bar" dead as a coffin nail before he had Sexwein App mouth half shut.

That's tho way the stories go in Sexwein App romances, but it is so rarely that we meet such apropos occurrences in real life that when anything of a similar import docs happen it is the more deserving of our attention.

With this little premise we invite the attention of our readers to a story mind, a true story of the service Sexwein App plug of tobacco rendered a man who was robbed in Philadelphia the other day.

We find the facts related in the local columns of that staid, old newspaper, the Keening Sexwein App, and they may therefore be accepted as Sexwein App as reliable as if reported in Sexwein App Timks itself. It seems that early one morning, a few days ago, a man by the name of Henry Sutton, a resident of Cape May, was found in the streets of Philadelphia in a sort of stupor, caused by too free indulgence in the ardent, and taken to the station house.

A little later in the morning two young men were arrested in the same neighborhood for behaving in a disorderly manner, and taken to the same station house, and placed in a cell adjoiuing that occupied by Sutton. The resident vjf Cape May was slumbering in blissful ignorance of his surroundings, but soon after awoke. He felt his burning head, called for a drink of water, and then sat Sexwein App to review the situation in his mind.

He was disgusted and weary, and the Sexwein App thing needed to alleviate his misery was a chew of tobacco. The plug which he had purchased at Cape May was nowhere to be found. Hearing voices in the next cell, Sexwein App the fraternal feeling which characterizes tobacco - chewers the world over. The resident of Cape May glanced at il affectionately before proceeding to enjoy its exhilarating influences, and as he did so his eye fell on the trade mark.

In a moment his mind was rjade up. That plug had been purchased by Henry Sutton at Cape May, and was Sexwein App from his pocket along with the cash which he was minus, but be kept his own couucil for the time being. When the committing Magistrate appeared nt the station house to Sexwein App of the cases, the circumstance of the tobacco was related to him. The officers were ordered to search the two young men who occupied the adjoining cell, when lo!

There's the foundation for the plot of a five - act drama, or a double deck, yellow - covered novel. To make it a little more sensational, the Sexwein App of the lost will Sexwein App a millionaire, or the stolen funds of a county treasury, might hinge upon the tendering of a friendly chew of tobacco, instead of a pocket - Sexwein App and a few greenbacks. Respecting the important discoveries of Pasteur and Koch that many of the most dreaded diseases to which the human system is subject, notably consumption, are the work of infinitely minute parasites called bacilli that prey upon vital parts, the following, if true, is of the utmost interest: Another French experimenter, Beclad claims to have made a discovery of Sexwein App far more agreeable character and not less important, viz: It will arrest the disease process in cancer ; it will rob diphtheria of more than half its terrors ; it enables us to Sexwein App at scarlet - fever, and is equally effective in typhoid fever, small - pox, croup, blood - poisoning, epithelioma.

The acid is extremely volatile, more of gas than fluid, and when introduced into the system it seeks every avenue of escape by the lungs, the skin and the kidneys thus coming in contact with every tissue and destroying as it goes the.

If but one - half that is claimed fur Declat's Sexwein App be true, it would be difficult to estimate its value to mankind. Now the Independents boldly assert that Senator Cameron is paying much more attention to setting up Hopkins for the Democratic nomination for Governor than he is to the endeavor to heal the unfortunate divisions in the Republican party.

The Lancaster A't Era, one of the ablest of the journals enlisted in the Independent movement, says: It has always been the Cameron policy to look to Sexwein App ends of the procession when it is forming, so that no matter which way it moves he will have his man at the head. It is well known that Sexwein App is exceedingly anxious to have Hopkins nominated, and is working quietly to that end, and for a two - fold reason.

He Sexwein App well aware that if the Democrats nominate such on old chronic office - hunter, with his well - known Cameron sympathies, thousands of Independent Republicans who are opposed to the Cameron Republican ticket would vote for Beaver rather than Sexwein App any risks of Hopkins' election. The next thing the Independents will be doing will be to hold Cameron responsible for the loss of the Jeannette and for the late cherry crop.

The Democrats in Sexwein App are fur from being harmonious on the question of the Gubernatorial nomination. Some of Sexwein App would almost as soon vote for Beaver as they would vote for Hopkins, while others would support Stewart with even greater pleasure than they would have in voting for Pattison.

The majority of the Berks delegation will be on hand at Harrisburg several days before the Conven tion meets, Sexwein App a view to making their influence fell in the coming nomination.

Over one hundred and ten thousand persons, over twenty thousand of them women and girls, used the free baths of New York last Sexwein App. The Harrisburg Telegraph announces that tho oldest deed in America is said to be in possession of a gentleman in that city.

Harriet Beecher Slowe is to have a grand reception by her friends in Boston to - morrow, the seventieth anniversary of her birthday.

The Philadelphia Times Ind. His practical business experience; his enlarged acquaintance with the relations of our varied interests to national legislation, and his energy aud integrity would make hint an honored and efficient Representative.

In The Times of last Tuesday was presented an old puzzle which had just caused a good many headaches in Louisville, Ky. Several readers have sent in explanations of Sexwein App in which they think the figure that of a bisected, circumscribed square may be drawn, but most of the explanations do not solve the puzzle.

The fact is that tho figure cannot be made except by resorting to a trick. This trick will be understood upon reading the following communication: Sexwein App 'circumscribed square" puzzle is done thus: Take a pencil ns long ns ono side of the intended square and sharpen at both ends. Then male your square, a to b, b to c, c to d, d to a, Sexwein App a to c.

Reverse Sexwein App and complete with the line d to b. The pencil is left at b and a circumscribed circle with one movement completes the figure mid the puzzle. It is substantially au old trick with the circle addition. A little practice will enable any one to do it neatly, the trick being the reversal of the pencil "unbeknownst" to the lookers - on.

It must be seen to be appreciated. A scientific professor records the following singular instance of sclf - eannibalisui: He cut in two a male cricket, and immediately the fore part, probably experiencing a sensation of emptyness, turned upon the hinder part and devoured it. Anls have been known to build mud stables, where aphides are kept as milch cows.

The great Parliament House clock in London, the largost in the world, started running in 18 - V. It gives an error of but ninety seconds a year; the larger hells, when it strikes, are heard at a distance of ten miles, and the smaller ones four or five miles.

A full font of Japanese type comprises 50, - characters, of which 3, are inconstant use. His name is George M. He Sexwein App resides at Lockport, N. Muy bridge lias been exhuming some remarkable rapid - progress photograph? He has obtained a series of six photographs during Sexwein App leap of a clown, which when projected on a screen by a zeotrope, exhibit the clown as in motion, with all his chauges of position.

O'Darrell, of Chicago, Ills. My leg was suddenly crippled with with Rheumatism, and my sufferings were extreme.

Bow for circulars for hard sell rates along with address every bite of letters on the road to - J. Jntlge of the Untouchable Court: Desk of Intermit AJfuirs: A long along with active state compaign fashionable this Censure is pardon? Chairman Cooper predicts, plus it. Effrontery bands are tuned cheerful, stump speakers have their speeches mapped out, then thrifty politicians are in the present climate laying concerning a fund of fuel while it is forty cents a barrel next to the wells.

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  • Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania on May 6, · Page 1
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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 2

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