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März oder ein Hochschullehrer in einer Stellungnahme nach Abs. 2 Bedenken gegen die Annahme oder die übereinstimmende. Bewertung geltend. Password. Log in to the eZ Publish Administration Interface · norden. The website is developed by the Norwegian Centre for Cooperation in Education (SIU), and. A method of operating a mobile telecommunications terminal is to be provided, which allows a real alternative to the traditional business card a fast and.

A method of operating a mobile telecommunications terminal is to be provided, which allows a real alternative to the traditional business card a fast and error-free exchange of contact with technical, electronic means. Nn the übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer mobile telecommunication terminal 1 associated with identification element in an internal memory of übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer first mobile telecommunications übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer 1 is loaded, the identification element 8 along with a confirmation control element 10 on a user interface 4, 12 of the first telecommunication terminal 1 appears, upon actuation of the confirmation operating element 10a check on existence of the user N Nn of the second telecommunication terminal 1 generated and übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer user N Nn of the second mobile telecommunication terminal 1 in the internal memory of the first mobile telecommunications terminal 1 is loaded.

The invention relates to a method of operating a mobile telecommunications terminal. In the business field professional success may now depend heavily übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer personal contacts. Therefore, on the one hand a great interest to offer their own data on a professional way and to keep up to date and also to manage the amount of received contact information useful for business übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer. This still happens even in the age of electronic data processing often in the form of proven business cards.

When personal meeting business cards übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer exchanged and shall hand over the details.

While in many places the business cards are still being kept in the corresponding file box, the data is often recorded electronically and stored in an electronic address book. The übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer of the latter method are obvious: They are essentially in the space saving, the easier searchability, anywhere availability.

Nevertheless, errors occur in the electronic address book when entering the business card data. In addition, the input is rather annoying to think of the masses received business cards z. Business cards can also be easily lost and the identification of persons and assignment of the individual data is often difficult. Therefore, approaches, business cards or contact exist to distribute personally itself. Dieses muss jedoch immer noch manuell verschickt werden und setzt bereits die Kenntnis zumindest einer eMail-Adresse voraus, so dass in der Praxis dem Austausch der vCard immer noch der Austausch der Visitenkarte vorangeht.

However, this still needs to be sent manually and already requires knowledge of at least one e-mail address beforehand so that in practice still precedes the exchange of vCard exchange business cards. There are also approaches to scan business cards or to photograph and to achieve automation of data collection.

However, these are still relatively error-prone due to the variety of card formats. Newer options offer programs such. In the method of the program for replacement of the contact must mobile telecommunication terminals, ie mobile devices which can establish a wireless connection to übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer kind such. Business people übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer a serious environment which abut their cell phones to exchange contact details, but are hard to imagine, so that this method has not gained acceptance in the business field.

Furthermore, this übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer in the exchange of business card data with a large number of people is impractical. Other übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer are portals for exchanging contact details such as Facebook or Xing, but because of their Abgekoppeltheit from the location of the user no exchange übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer contact details on site, such.

It is therefore an object of the invention to provide a method of operating a mobile übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer terminal, which enables a real alternative to traditional business card a fast and error free exchange of contact with physical, electronic means.

The invention is based on the idea that electronic equipment should be used for a practical, direct electronic exchange of contact details on site, which are always performed by users with up to ensure the constant availability of the exchange system.

For this purpose, particularly mobile telecommunications devices such as smartphones or light tablets that are on the one hand always carried, on the other hand bring extensive software and hardware requirements that allow an implementation of an electronic card system are. It should therefore be sought in the coverage of the first terminal via a wireless link more devices to identify the persons made by the user of the device.

Here all kinds of wireless connections may be used such. Now, if a mobile device is übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer, the user should be given the possibility of contact data exchange. However, an automatic exchange is not desirable because it would have on the one hand a flood some unwanted contact and the result would be privacy-sided problem.

Therefore, only the user of the terminal found associated identification element is first loaded into a memory of the first mobile telecommunication terminal. The identification element does not include the full contact, but only information that enables identifying the user possible.

This identification item is displayed to the user along with a confirmation operating element, whereby this can be a time lag, that is not only directly during the meeting but z.

As well as a few hours later when the mobile devices are no longer within communication range. The user can then confirm the contact by operating the confirmation control. Again, for reasons of data protection an actual transfer of contact but should occur only in mutual agreement about. It must übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer determined whether the user of the terminal found also wants the contact data exchange. This is achievable by means of an acceptance element which is deposited with a consent of the user of the terminal found in relation to the user of the first terminal and substantially containing the corresponding information relating to the agreement in digital form.

Thus, it is checked whether a consent element is present, and transmit the contact information in the internal memory of the mobile übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer in the presence of.

The deposit of the data and elements on a central, accessible from the terminals server has übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer advantage that the data and elements are übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer available. This allows the exchange of data, querying the consent etc. Even a simple change of contact details is possible by the user to access, for example via an Internet portal to the server to make updates of übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer details übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer. In an advantageous embodiment of the process, is generated in the server consent oviposited element is a user of the second übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer telecommunication terminal übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer upon actuation of the confirmation control element.

This übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer that the user of the terminal with confirmation of contact in turn declares his consent to want to transfer their übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer information to the user of the terminal and found a corresponding information is stored in digital form.

Characterized symmetry is generated, the particularly simple use of the method in a plurality of interconnected systems operated by the method terminals. The declaration of consent takes place namely on both sides by confirming, so that when a user confirmation by both done an exchange of contact details.

It may be advantageous in this context to provide a plurality of different confirmation elements, each generating a specific agreement element, which differ in the extent of agreement. As a confirmation element übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer private data, übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer for übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer and one data be provided for data of social networks, so that only one agreement element for the übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer data is generated.

This allows a greater degree of freedom in terms of data protection. Advantageously, be changed with a change of the contact data on the server, the contact data on the first mobile telecommunications terminal in accordance with in this case.

This ensures that all contact details on the terminals can be kept up to date, since changes in the stored on the server a user's profile will be passed directly to those terminals that have downloaded contact information that have been confirmed by the user. This reduces the amount of data management of the address übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer for the individual user is significantly reduced because an automatic subsequent change of local contact during an update occurs on the server.

In another advantageous embodiment, an input element is displayed on the user interface of the first telecommunication terminal, being carried out with an input of data in the input element a compliance check of the data stored in the server contact, is determined at a conformity of the matching contact information associated with the übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer, and assigned to the determined user identification element is displayed together with a confirmation control on the user interface of the first telecommunication terminal.

In other words, the display of the identification element with the possibility of confirmation can be triggered not only by the proximity of the mobile terminals, but also übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer entering known parts of the contact such.

E-mail address, in a particularly advantageous embodiment of the telephone number. This also übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer an exchange of contact with übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer, the terminal enables a wireless connection that can übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer used to find other terminals. Such a search for known parts of contact can also be advantageously automatically by an address book of the mobile terminal is used as a data source for the parts of contact.

This automatically contacts that are already present on the terminal, detected and evaluated by the method. Vorteilhafterweise umfasst die drahtlose Verbindung eine Bluetoothverbindung. Advantageously, the wireless connection comprises a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth namely fulfills a number of advantageous criteria: First, Bluetooth is comparatively short range, so that itself can be used as a übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer for the range Bluetooth range übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer the identification elements of all available Bluetooth devices are displayed.

Furthermore, Bluetooth has come standardized to be universally supported smartphones, tablets and portable computers, so that the method is widely applicable. In an additional or alternative advantageous embodiment, the identification of a second mobile telecommunications terminal within the predetermined range by means of a GPS signal occurs.

With the GPS signal, the übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer of each mobile terminal can be determined reliably and it can be determined matching places two mobile wireless devices. To ensure this reliable balance, the analysis übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer the GPS data on the central server can be done. This may be the GPS data sent from the mobile terminals to the server to receive and übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer, and causing each of the transmission of the identification elements for consistent localized devices.

In a further additional or alternative advantageous embodiment, the wireless connection comprises a wireless LAN signal. This devices located in wireless Übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer coverage can be recorded on one hand. If the SSID and the location of a wireless LAN network known can be concluded übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer the place and time of the detection of the SSID of the network signal on übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer at the same time in übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer same place devices.

In this way and in particular by a photographic reproduction of an unambiguous übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer of data to the contact is possible. This is a significant advantage over traditional business cards, where the assignment übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer cause problems just after receiving a plurality of business cards. Furthermore, initials, called icons or fancy could be included. Thus the complete, available on classic business card contact are after the exchange.

Through the digital storage and other data may übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer included, such. Links auf Homepages oder Profile in sozialen Netzwerken etc. As links to websites or social networking profiles, etc. In a particularly advantageous embodiment may contact include resumes and other files that are associated with that contact.

If the user with a particular institution in connection even contact the institution could be included, such. Thus, a history of meetings of the respective user is created that can be viewed at any time.

As each user recognize the call to contact, how often it for the übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer in question. In a further advantageous embodiment of the method, a notes data element is allocated to the data loaded into the memory of the first mobile telecommunication terminal contact.

In this personal notes or reminders of activities or the like to be executed can be stored, for example. The memo data element can also contain references to personal or business contacts.

Upon detection of the contact associated mobile telecommunications terminal within the predetermined range, advantageously the content of the notes data element is then displayed on the user interface of the first telecommunication terminal. Somit bekommt der Benutzer beim Antreffen des jeweiligen anderen Benutzers, bzw. Thus, the user gets already displayed shortly before the encountering of the respective other user, or due to the higher range of the radio übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer compared to personal contact.

Übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer display can also be linked with a beep, vibration, or optical signal. Hat der Benutzer z. If the user z. Advantageously, a computer program product that can be loaded directly into the internal memory of a mobile telecommunication übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer, software code sections with which the method described is carried out by means of the mobile telecommunication terminal, when the computer program product is run on the mobile telecommunication terminal.

The advantages achieved with the übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer consist in particular in that a simplification of the entire exchange and archiving process is achieved by the combination of localization functions of mobile terminals to the digital exchange of contact, which also means a cost saving compared to the traditional exchange of a business card, as less business cards need to be printed.

By way of the process described as straight in the business field a comfortable and convenient, simpler and more secure exchange of contacts is possible. An exemplary embodiment is explained with reference to a drawing.

Identical parts are provided in übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer FIGs with the same übereinstimmende Login-Telefonnummer numbers.

Smartphones, Tablet PCs o. Alternatively, a Bluetooth signal could be used.

In this tutorial we will answer this question by building a very rudimentary guestbook application. In doing so, we will look at different options for modeling user information in a database, and then see how to associate this data with the user accounts created by the Membership framework. NET's Membership framework offers a flexible interface for managing users.

The Membership API includes methods for validating credentials, retrieving information about the currently logged on user, creating a new user account, and deleting a user account, among others. Each user account in the Membership framework contains only the properties needed for validating credentials and performing essential user account-related tasks.

Dies wird durch die Methoden und Eigenschaften der entspricht der MembershipUser Klasse , das ein Benutzerkonto in das Framework Mitgliedschaft modelliert.

This is evidenced by the methods and properties of the MembershipUser class , which models a user account in the Membership framework.

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