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DESCRIPTION: Derek Jensen, Public Domain. In August this year I received a note requesting advice on a new project.

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New Sheed: U.S. moved to defcon 5 from defcon 3 after news of Trump's victory. You are welcome, dumbass.

Chart: One Reason a Brexit Makes Sense

Jul 22, Most Famous Case of Hyperinflation. Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below). Jul 21, By pursuing your navigation on our website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy . Pro Home Page · Why go Pro?. Jan 3, (1) Media reports of 20 December almost dwarfed the news of the Commission moving to initiate the judicial stage of the infringement.

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Derek Jensen, Public Domain. In August this year I received a note requesting advice on a new project. As the project in question was rather unique in scope - dealing as it did with founding a new religious order or church - the signatories of the note requested that I preserve their anonymity should I decide to report on their activities. Doing so would be quite welcome, though, "to gain first insights into the potential reach of such a project.

Die Überprüfung der Affären-Site that the official legends promulgated by governments and media alike are thus going to continue to stand as truths, realpolitik tells us that rational arguments are no longer any use against them. Wherever legends die Überprüfung der Affären-Site become official "true history" and have been declared state creeds on which governments base their power politics, rational critique has become obsolete.

As this involves in part violations of the laws of nature and statistics as well as those of logic or common sense, we have decided on a working title of "Church of Free Fall" for our project.

We are working to achieve official recognition as a religious order for the "C. The Credo has been adopted officially by the International Section of the preliminary C.

Episcopate, to serve as a firm foundation of the religious community. Further extensions of the Credo, including additional fundamental beliefs, dogmas, and rituals, are currently under development. Credo bows to a realpolitik of war, observation, and "security" that has arisen from die Überprüfung der Affären-Site dust and ashes of the WTC towers.

Instead of fighting its enemies, the C. We trust in the one suitcase of Which got left at the gate And which revealed all the proof We might ever die Überprüfung der Affären-Site needed: We believe That that man wished to carry his testament With him onto his suicide mission, Just in case his deadly flight Failed to end in an enormous ball of fire. Or because he figured His testament naturally indestructible, Just like the passport of his fellow hijacker Al Sugami That was discovered unscathed next to the WTC.

We believe That two airplanes are able to Bring down three skyscrapers The first time ever in the history of construction That steel framed skyscrapers became Pulverized by burgeoning fires alone, While a plastic-and-paper passport Is able to survive the inferno unscathed. We believe That Hani Hanjour might have been bad at flying small aircraft, Bad enough for the rental agency to refuse to rent him a Cessna, But that he did succeed in hitting die Überprüfung der Affären-Site Pentagon From behind at ten feet above the ground Descending with a jumbo jet at mph In an ingenious curve around the building.

We believe That he did not just keep on flying straight Into the offices of the Pentagon Chiefs Because he wished to make air navigation history Through an ingenious maneuver taking him "Once around the most highly die Überprüfung der Affären-Site building of the world" Along with aces of the air like the Red Baron before him.

We believe That the total absence of an air defense Not just above the Pentagon Die Überprüfung der Affären-Site above the entire U. We believe That Osama Bin Laden masterminded this "Surprise attack" from a cave in Afghanistan Even when the FBI announces it has die Überprüfung der Affären-Site proof of his complicity in the attack, And even when he himself refused to take any credit whatsoever for Taking part in that particular act of terror In his first interview after, on Sept.

We believe That he and his 19 "hijackers", armed with nothing but box cutters, Were solely responsible for succeeding in this attack, Despite the fact that due to totally bogus visas 15 of them would never even have reached U. Consulate in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, Simply waved through the lot of them. We believe That the CIA never had any idea of this Even if a visa official of that consulate, Michael Springman, became a whistleblower Because his office was constantly being used To funnel suspicious Arab "freedom fighters" Into the U.

We believe That the Saudi security service had no idea either And that it was purely as an act of charity That the "terror logistics expert" Al Midhar And his colleague Al Hazmi received Monthly stipends from the wife of Royal Ambassador to the U. Dollars of funds to Mohammed Atta. We believe That neither was Israel's Mossad involved Even if five of its agents were arrested in New York City Filming themselves triumphing and showing victory signs With the WTC towers burning in the background Only to claim on a TV talk show in their home country, Where they had die Überprüfung der Affären-Site been deported to, They had been in New York City "to document the events".

We believe That it was simply a hugely unlucky chain of events That all these ever vigilant secret services "failed" their duties And a truly unlucky chain of unlucky events that enabled Osama and his 19 box cutter wielding hijackers To pulverize three skyscrapers all by themselves And to murder people.

We believe In George W. Bush's warning to the United Nations General Assembly: Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty. Derek Jensen, Public Domain Affirmation replaces criticism: You are welcome to publish our manifest.

And neither of the above will require the Member States to vote on the possible sanctions such requirement exists in the case of proceedings based on Article 7 TEU. Moreover, due to the different gender criteria, benefits obtained by a woman-judge due to achieving the retirement age will, for at least five years, be lower than those to which she would be entitled while receiving remuneration for continued performance of her judicial duties.

In light of the case law of CJEU, benefits resulting from specific pension schemes e. Salaries of retired judges are lower, therefore women would obtain remuneration lower than men under the same circumstances. There might also be another, convincing approach to the issue, according to which the lack of independence of national courts may have a significant influence on the functioning of important elements of the system of EU law mutual trust, protection of powers of EU citizens, effective judicial protection within EU, effective application of EU law, functioning of the internal market etc.

If the Commission is able to justify the EU component of the case, it has a solid legal basis and strong arguments to support its charges. The Court of Justice may then establish occurrence of the breach of the standard of independent judiciary, in the meaning of Article 19 sec. In light of these regulations, the Member States provide remedies sufficient to ensure effective judicial protection in the fields covered by EU law Article 19 sec.

The EU standard in this matter has been rather precisely defined. Independence of court is excluded in the case of lack of specific guarantees allowing to rule out any and all reasonable doubt as to the independence of this authority from the external factors, including the executive. The too general statutory criteria based on which the Minister of Justice grants consent to the continued performance of duties by a judge who has achieved retirement age, in conjunction with lowering the age threshold for retirement which applies also to judges remaining in office and other elements of the same procedure lack of time-frame to reach a decision, lack of judicial control may not be sufficiently precise to rule out any reasonable doubt as to the independence of the judicial authorities from the executive branch Minister of Justice who is also the Chief Prosecutor of Poland.

Apart from this, they have an important influence over other judges. It must be emphasized that during the first six months from the entry into force of the amended CSS Act the Minister of Justice would be granted the power to appoint and dismiss presidents of courts without being bound by concrete criteria, with no obligation to state reasons, and with no possibility for the judiciary to block these decisions.

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Deutscher auf USA-Terrorliste wegen Exporten nach Iran

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At what time HU Bo posted his tweet in July Establishment, he must have the instant felt that he had made a big slip. He was in misfortune because he had not only repeated the authoritative news, but he obviously had added some unofficial rumors about the sincerity and extent of the riots. This had locate him outside of the law. Fake news is illegal in China. Pardon? started out as an attempt to curb libelous vitriol on the net quickly became a weighty means of the Chinese criminal justice system for the treatment of controlling social media tidings and is now a core feature of the Chinese Counterterrorism Law of Articles 19, 90 after that, since its ninth make reparation in , of the Chinese Criminal Law Spread b.

Essentially, these cases are building on a. The criminal law pending would warrant a rooted term of imprisonment of up to five years for such conduct, therefore the three model cases saw sentences between fifteen months and four years, depending mainly on the seriousness of the disturbance of social order along with on the underlying grounds for disseminating the spurious information. Since the tightening of the Criminal Commandment in , disseminating phoney information became a unconnected provision whit a varying sentencing standard for synthetic terrorist information up towards five years imprisonment in addition to at least five years if the disruption of the social order had serious consequences and former false information about susceptive issues like health hazards or natural catastrophes up and doing to three years next between three and seven years, respectively.

Before that amendment, HU Bo at the end of the day found himself sentenced on the way to six months imprisonment. The court argued that his tweet had incited tribal hatred and discrimination, which was considered his devise of severely disrupting the social order, even nevertheless his lawyer asserted with the intention of his client did not even hint at the ethnicity of the rioters in Yarkand.

His punishment was already a mitigated punishment as he was a first time outlaw, showed real remorse also even followed the communal convention of voluntarily surrendering after his crime.

  • There's a popular adage that we should never let a good crisis go to waste. Yet, arguably, that's what we've been doing for decades now. We've avoided facing.
  • May 9, With regard to climate change, this is an aspect which is gladly ignored. Tim Radford, a founding editor of Climate News Network, worked for. Jul 22, Most Famous Case of Hyperinflation. Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below).
  • 1. Dez. Ulrich Wippermann war in seiner Firma zuständig für Exporte nach Iran. Amerika wirft ihm Terrorfinanzierung vor. Eine Albtraum-Geschichte. May 9, When HU Bo posted his tweet in July , he must have immediately felt that he had made a big mistake. Just three hours after he wrote in his.
  • Chief of staff John Kelly has signed off on a plan to dismiss midlevel and junior aides in an effort to limit leaks.
  • Jan 3, (1) Media reports of 20 December almost dwarfed the news of the Commission moving to initiate the judicial stage of the infringement. Jul 21, By pursuing your navigation on our website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy . Pro Home Page · Why go Pro?.

Are you jealous of people of a different height? Jul 21, By pursuing your navigation on our website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy . Pro Home Page · Why go Pro?. May 9, When HU Bo posted his tweet in July , he must have immediately felt that he had made a big mistake. Just three hours after he wrote in his..

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