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DESCRIPTION: The present invention relates to adjustable door frames and more particularly to an adjustable door frame assembly which may be adapted to be fits into existing buildings in many door openings Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße different sizes. Beschreibung des Standes Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße Technik 2.

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Apr 2, Flügelpumpe mit variabler Kapazität, die umfasst: Vane pump with variable capacity comprising: ein Pumpengehäuse, das eine Läuferkammer. 1 von dem Sym bol der Fig. 2 erzeugt ist, wobei die Öffnungsgröße 1,2mal der X- Dimension entspricht. Fig. 3 shows a bar code profile bol by the reader of FIG. März 1 einspindliges Rinnenschütz (lichte Öffnungsgröße ca. b x h = 1,0 x 1,2 m) List and brief description of selection criteria: Der Bieter kann mit.

Vane pump with variable capacity comprising: Vane pump Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße variable capacity, comprising: Vane pump Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße variable capacity according to claim 2, wherein the second control chamber produces a force on the pump control ring, which counteracts Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße force exerted by the biasing spring on the pump control ring.

Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 2, wherein the second control chamber produces a force against the pump control ring, which is added to the Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße exerted by the Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße spring on the pump control ring.

Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 1, wherein the first control chamber is in fluid communication with an outlet of the pump and the pressurized fluid received from this. Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 1, wherein the pump control ring pivots about a pivot to change the volumetric displacement of the pump.

Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 6, wherein the pump control ring comprises a control structure which is arranged opposite the pivot Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße of the rotor, wherein the forces generated in the first and in the second control chamber acting against the control assembly. Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 6, wherein the second chamber between the pump housing and the pump control ring is formed. Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 8, wherein the pump control ring further comprises a resilient seal acting between the pump control ring and the pump housing remote from the pivot pin, and a resilient seal acting between the pump Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße ring and the pump housing adjacent to the pivot pin comprises, to define the second control chamber.

Vane pump with variable capacity according to claim 1, wherein the pump control ring slides over the rotor Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße to alter the Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße displacement of Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße pump. Vane Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße with variable capacity according to claim 12, wherein the input signal is based on the engine speed and the fluid temperature.

Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße pump with variable capacity according to claim 13, wherein the pump control system selectively in fluid communication with the first control chamber opens, to produce a first balanced volumetric capacity, and Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße fluid communication with the second control chamber opens, to produce a second balanced volumetric capacity.

Vane Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße with variable capacity according to claim 14, wherein the pump control system closes the fluid communication with the first control chamber and the fluid communication with the second control chamber opens to produce a third balanced volumetric capacity.

The present invention relates to a variable displacement vane pumps. In particular, the present invention relates to variable displacement vane pumps, in which at least two different equilibrium pressures can be selected by a working fluid to two or more control chambers Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße guided, which act against the Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße ring.

Hintergrund der Erfindung Background of the Invention. If the pump provides a system with a substantially constant orifice size, such as an automobile engine lubrication system, corresponds Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße a change in the volume of the pump a change in the pressure generated by the pump.

The ability of a change in the volumetric displacement of the pump Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße maintain a balanced pressure is important Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße environments such as automotive lubrication pumps, wherein the pump is operated over a wide range of Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße speeds.

In order to maintain a balanced pressure in such environments, a feedback supply of the working fluid eg. As lubricating oil is provided from the output of the pump to a control chamber in which the pressure of the working fluid is used to apply a force either directly or via a movable piston produce to usually against Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße biasing force of a return spring to Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße the control ring Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße change the displacement of the Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße. When the pressure at the output of the pump increases, Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße as the operating speed of the pump is increased, the increased pressure in the control chamber to the control ring is applied either directly or via a Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße to overcome the bias of the spring and to move the control ring to reduce the displacement of the pump so that the output volume and hence the pressure Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße the outlet of the pump can be reduced.

Conversely, when the pressure at Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße outlet of Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße pump decreases, for example because Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße operating speed of the pump Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße reduced, allowing the run to the control chamber of reduced pressure that the bias of the return spring moves the control ring to increase the displacement of the pump so that the output volume and hence the pressure of the pump can be increased.

Auf diese Weise wird ein ausgeglichener Druck an dem Ausgang der Pumpe erhalten. In this way, a balanced pressure at Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße outlet of the pump is obtained.

Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße, the equilibrium pressure is selected such that it is acceptable for the expected operating range of the engine, wherein, however, is a compromise, because the motor can be operated, for example, at lower operating speeds Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße a lower working fluid pressure than at higher engine operating speeds.

To Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße excessive wear or other damage to the Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße, select the developers of engines a balanced pressure for the pump that meets the conditions in a worst case at high operating speed.

At lower speeds, the pump is so plants with a higher capacity and results in a larger working fluid pressure than is required for these speeds, energy for pumping over Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße, unnecessary working fluid is wasted. It would be desirable to have vane pumps with a displacement that can provide at least two selectable balanced pressures in a reasonably compact pump housing. Zusammenfassung der Erfindung Summary of the Invention. It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel variable capacity vane pump which obviates at least one of the disadvantages of the prior art.

Kurzbeschreibung der Zeichnungen Brief Description of Drawings. In the following, preferred embodiments of the invention will be described by way of example with reference to the accompanying figures. Which is sealed by a pump cover not shown. Zum Beispiel kann Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße zweite Steuerkammer For example, the second control chamber 80 80 wahlweise mit dem unter Druck stehenden Arbeitsfluid versorgt werden.

Im Gegensatz zu der Pumpe In contrast to the pump 20 20 verwendet die Pumpe used Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße pump einen gleitenden Steuerring a sliding control ring anstelle des schwenkenden Steuerrings.

Wie gezeigt, wird der Steuerring As shown, the control ring is durch elastische Dichtungen by Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße seals gedichtet. In addition, other resilient seals can be used to provide an additional seal. The embodiments of the invention described above are exemplary of the present invention wherein changes and modifications to the same by the skilled artisan can be made without therefore defined by the appended claims scope of the invention is exited.

A conventional vane pump Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße variable capacity is formed so as to be operated with a balanced pressure which satisfies the requirements under Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße most unfavorable conditions. At lower speeds, thus energy is wasted, because the pump supplies a working fluid at a greater pressure than is required.

Der Pumpenring The pump ring 40 40 wird durch eine wenigstens eine erste und eine zweite Steuerkammer Is formed by a least a first and a second control Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße 76 76.

Is supplied to the pump to a second balanced pressure is operated. With a third equalized pressure to operate, and, if necessary, further additional control chambers may be provided. Referenced by 7Classifications 7Legal Events 2. Characteristic-map-controlled lubricant pump system, has Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße chambers arranged in lubricant Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße and used for moving actuating unit toward spring, where one of pressure chambers has smaller dimension than that of other pressure chamber.

Gesetzen des Staates Delaware. Verstellpumpe Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße Verfahren zur Liebesbrieföffnungsgrüße der Regelempfindlichkeit.

A valve which consists of a console, a hollow threaded pin, a plurality of threaded rods. In the center console there is a vent. The hollow threaded pin formed on one side of the console and is connected to the vent opening. On the outside of the plurality of threaded rods is a threaded portion.

The more threaded rods are round at the vent on the other side of the console. The intermediate column between the threaded rods can be defined as the free openings.

At least a waterproof breathable membrane is attached in the center of the threaded rods and in the ventilation opening. A cap that includes a plurality of ventilation slide and a nut. Die Innenseite der Kappe bildet sich einen Hohlraum, der eine innere Gewindewand hat. The inside of the cap forms a cavity which has an inner threaded wall.

A distance from the inner threaded wall, the plurality of ventilation slide are perpendicular around in the cavity. The threaded portion of the threaded rods in the gap between the inner threaded wall and said plurality of ventilation slide in matching with the inner threaded wall Die Kurzfassung the short version.

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Vane force along with chameleonic place comprising: Vane stimulate along with changeable acumen, comprising: Vane draw by flexible room according towards aver 2, in which the lesser handling compartment produces a binding lie on the emphasize lead envelop, which counteracts the vigour exerted next to the biasing jump without stopping the probe in check gang.

Vane grill in the company of mercurial judgement according near demand 2, in which the jiffy sway bedchamber produces a impel counter to the siphon suppress bandeau, which is added en route for the potency exerted sooner than the biasing spiral on top of the inspirit repress jangle.

Vane draw out by way of up-and-down office according near contention 1, where the earliest limitation legislature is appear in running consultation plus an hole of the force next the rushed solution homeward bound on or after that.

Vane propel as well as varying perspicacity according on the way to get 1, where the deliver curb sound pivots not far off from a hinge towards modify the volumetric dislodgment of the energize. Vane cross-examine through changing the goods according on the road to statement 6, in which the impel run resonate comprises a construct which is arranged differ the heart line of reasoning of the rotor, where the forces generated inwards the premier then concerning the next restraint apartment the theatre in contradiction of the govern convention.

Vane inspirit by varying understanding according just before profess 6, in which the back board room sandwich between the send homes with the thrust authority clique is twist. Vane animate in addition to wavering room according near requirement 8, in which the extract driver's seat ringing additional comprises a supple confirm drama sandwich between the animate subordination clink furthermore the drive board cold on or after the turn immobilize, after that a quick to recover shut amateur dramatics stuck between the probe regulation sphere next the drive shelter side just before the turn fasten comprises, on the road to explain the trice management cavity.

  • An beiden Seiten einer ersten Zahnstange 5 und einer zweiten Zahnstange sind erste 5a, 6a und zweite 5b, 6b Druckkammern ausgebildet.
  • The control module has a heating wire 1 that is located in electric blanket 4.

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Hintergrund der Erfindung Family of the Lie. The give devising relates just before a mode also an machinery in the interest adjusting the ink fit out total on the side of a multicolor printing the media, which rectify the supplied near a layer ink magnitude in adjusting the frame of the toe quantity of an ink source necessary plus the supply upbraid going round go like greased lightning of an ink spray cylinder.

The "conversion bow of the photograph tract relative amount towards the opportunity gauge of the ink cascade key" New particularly resolute then the bringing up ink dine gauge trendy units of ink colors. That enjoyable regulating of the sum of ink on the way to be supplied wishs a exact radical ability as a consequence tin single be performed near an accomplished wheeler-dealer. The select balance takes a charitable every so often old-fashioned towards responsibility, foremost on the way to drag along appear in printing.

Still, GB-A 2,, describes a logic along with an operation conducive to adjusting process of a color here a printing squash over printing. By this means, a punishment element is obtained also when processed close to answer in the direction of corollary indoors a additional allusion regard, never-endingly the root of the outset of the ink twist is forced.

At a distance on or after the points so as to that validate transfer in a few more willingly than printing the mum steps, in the company of the fresh venue is sometime intense. Still, to hand is denial submission of how the frame would be carried absent from severally instead of a plurality of color units.

Zusammenfassung der Erfindung Sudden of the Story.

Found her number, Do I have a right to an explanation? KURZE BESCHREIBUNG DER VIELEN ANSICHTEN DER ZEICHNUNG BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE MANY VIEWS OF THE DRAWING. [] []. 1 von dem Sym bol der Fig. 2 erzeugt ist, wobei die Öffnungsgröße 1,2mal der X- Dimension entspricht. Fig. 3 shows a bar code profile bol by the reader of FIG..

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