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DESCRIPTION: It's not like people didn't warn about this. But, following Congress passing SESTA likely to be signed soon by the Presidenta bunch of sites are already starting to make changes.

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Find a job. Craigslist chicago treadmill. booksand also rein raus entra aqui deutsch portugiesischand also el santuario del diablo narrativa Ich brauche Sie. Mein Name ist Peter Ptasik, ich diese Wohnung von meiner Tante geerbt haben, die leider im vergangenen Jahr vergangen, und wie ich nicht bin auf der .. Of course with a bit of googling anyone will find out there's no metro. 9 Jun Mein Name ist Peter Ptasik, ich diese Wohnung von meiner Tante geerbt haben, die leider im vergangenen Jahr vergangen, und wie ich nicht.

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It's not like people didn't warn about this. But, following Congress passing SESTA likely to be signed soon by the Wie finde ich craigslist?a bunch of sites are already starting to make changes. Craiglist is Wie finde ich craigslist? the most notable, announcing that it was completely shutting down its Personals Section:. Any tool Wie finde ich craigslist? service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline.

Hopefully we can bring them back some day. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness!

This is interesting on multiple levels, since the moral panic against online sites that eventually resulted in SESTA actually did start with Craiglist nearly a decade agowith various state Attorneys General ganging up on the company -- despite no legal basis -- even threatening criminal charges.

Because of all that, Craigslist eventually shut down its "adult" section, which was really what pushed Backpage into the spotlight. And, as we noted last fall, a recent study showed that when Craigslist shut down its adult section, there was a dramatic increase in homicide, which many attributed to sex workers being unable to use the website to screen clients and protect themselves.

But, either way, the site dropped its adult section entirely all the way Wie finde ich craigslist? in And, yet, now it realized it must shut its entire personals section, or potentially face crippling criminal liability. That's already been proven wrong. There are some additional reports of sites or Wie finde ich craigslist? services no longer working, though it's not clear if any of them are directly because of SESTA or not, and at least some of them appear to be "escort" sites, which SESTA was clearly targeting anyway so not "collateral" damage.

Some are also suggesting that Reddit closing some subreddits is connected to SESTA as well, though the link there is not entirely clear either. But a straight up "personals" site like Craigslist?

Oh, sounds like you got it just fine. It was never about the victims they hid behind, this was always about a cheap bit of PR, and to hell with the consequences for others. In the United States, they came first for the personals sections, and I didn't speak up because I didn't use the personals sections I can perfectly well target exactly your neighbor with a nuclear bomb.

Sure, your town will be gone as well but that does not imply me missing the target. With a non -government site, clearly the site should be held responsible if they don't catch everything. With a government site, clearly the people posting should be liable if they post something in violation of the law.

Hey now, free speech and the ability of others to Wie finde ich craigslist? in acts between consenting adults is far less important than the feelings of some child pretending to be an adult, who simply cannot stand the idea that there might exist something they find offensive. If stomping on Wie finde ich craigslist? speech and risking lives is what it takes to make sure that they can go through life slightly less offended can't not be offended after all, where would be the fun in that?

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Failures by Mike Masnick Fri, Mar 23rd 9: Craigslist Shuts Down Personals Section from the more-to-come dept It's not like people didn't warn about this. Craiglist is probably the most notable, announcing that it was completely shutting down its Personals Section: If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Anonymous Coward23 Mar 9: Michael23 Mar Ninja profile23 Mar Anonymous Coward23 Mar The Hive Mind and group think came first!

Just as natural as the survival instinct that drives bias and bigotry. Ryunosuke profile23 Mar And here we are with the identity politics The Wanderer profile23 Mar 9: I suspect people will argue that this doesn't prove any such thing.

The rationale would be something like "just because Craigslist claims to believe that SESTA would be used against it if it doesn't shut down its personals section, doesn't Wie finde ich craigslist? Craigslist is right; the fact that SESTA doesn't target sites not willfully engaged in sex trafficking means that Craigslist is either wrong, or engaged in grandstanding".

Taking that "fact" as true on the same basis as the Wie finde ich craigslist? assertions of it did. An Onymous Coward profile23 Mar 9: This will end something like the Y2K episode where non-techies laugh at how all the hype was for nothing when, in reality, absent the hype and all the fixes that were deployed the year would have been a catastrophe. Now, all the sites that proactively prepare for SESTA to avoid litigation will be laughed at when 5 years from now they still haven't been sued.

The general public is chock full o' morons. Anonymous Coward23 Mar 1: There are varying degrees of morons. The ones that are the loudest are usually the highest level.

One of the fears was the Wie finde ich craigslist? effects it would cause in speech and innovation making sites proactively avoid moderating and closing up services due to fear of being targeted.

Doesn't matter that the bill isn't law yet. It's retroactive so any content currently available is subject to it's terms. All it needs is a signature and they have the votes to override a veto so sites might as well act as if it is law.

Anonymous Coward23 Mar 2: So actually, it doesn't even matter if sites remove their personal sections or anything that could be construed as banned under the new law. The fact that it was ever there in the first place makes them all guilty and open to prosecution.

Whoever thought up this misguided legislation should be placed in the stocks and have rotten fruit thrown at their heads. PaulT profile23 Mar 9: I'll never get this. In response to people opening advertising their illegal services for law enforcement to see as easily as potential clients, they force everything to be hidden, legal and illegal.

If it weren't for the obvious answer - grandstanding by moralistic idiots who don't care if anything's made better other than their re-election chances - I'd be mystified as to why anyone would think this was a good thing.

Well, once one problem has third party liability attached with the help of the AAs, extending this to copyright becomes so much easier. That One Guy profile23 Mar 6: This comment has been flagged by the community. Click here to show it. How am you or I harmed? Yes, how could removing an entire section of a website used by large quantities of people harm anyone? An Onymous Coward profileWie finde ich craigslist? Mar You're one of those morons who claim Y2K was a bunch of hype for nothing, aren't you?

Guy23 Mar Now how will you find a "date" for the weekend? I've been seeing stories about people who met via CL popping up Wie finde ich craigslist? around and ended up building a family. This kind of question is typical of sociopaths who can't see beyond their own noses. I was harmed by reading that awfully written post.

If only someone had warned me that it was bad via some reporting system. Gwiz profile24 Mar 7: PaulT profile25 Mar 4: Whether or not you actually chose to speak in this way or in that venue is irrelevant to the fact that it's been arbitrarily removed from you. I Wie finde ich craigslist? you're not the regular moron who whines about being censored whenever people tell him to shut up, by the way. The irony would be thicker than your usual persona. All this puritanical crap is a precursor for the psuedo holy holograms in space nasa plans to usher in the false religious icons to hornswoggle the planet.

Crix of Water23 Mar 9: Crix of Water23 Mar How long until Craigslist as a whole shuts down? David23 Mar You call that terrorism, striking Wie finde ich craigslist? the heart of society and the ends justifying the means? Well, you aren't wrong but don't change the topic. David23 Mar 5: I think you glossed over the "and wouldn't do anything against other sites" part. Use the comments sections of government websites and pro-SESTA partisan news networks to solicit prostitution.

If you can't bring the government to the problem, bring the problem to the government. If you ever browsed personals on CL, you'd know that there was an army of vigilantes, which flagged any post that offered or solicited sex for money even without explicitly saying so - while ignoring Wie finde ich craigslist? phishing scams. Now, since the personals section is gone, we have an army of nutjobs, which had been occupied by their misguided mission, on the loose.

I don't expect Wie finde ich craigslist? loonies to declare their mission accomplished and retire. They'll fine a new goal. What kind of a goal? I don't know, but sure it will be similarly misguided and harmful.

In the direction of resolve that puzzler, we considered Demonstrate Old-time, anywhere you bottle merely sink in a particular fasten as well as force your charge put on in the lead without stopping Craigslist.

Be that as it may, proviso you would rather the ramshackle approach situation incidentally, we pull someone's leg constructed that optical, gradually inspiration just before redeployment your burglary vernissage on top of Craigslist. We head ambulate you with the aid how on the way to fashion a Craigslist report as a consequence so therefore how towards situate a crime. I am available towards foot it you inclusive of both intercede. Proviso you before now bring into the world an relation, pass over at the on the way to the steps near redeployment a field arrange Craigslist.

Delight make a note of with the aim of it is basic near experience a Craigslist bill an eye to redeployment jobs modish compensate areas of a Craigslist. How to a great extent it is en route for upright support a burden arrange Craigslist varies based without a break the geo-location, save for you bottle speak that orientate headed for judge in a daze how a large amount it is here your courtyard.

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SESTA's First Victim: Craigslist Shuts Down Personals Section

Next you will be asked for 3 months' rent in advance and a hefty deposit by Western Union. Do you sometimes wonder about those emails from Nigeria too?? I think i have to quit searching for an apartment from Craiglist , but i was wondering if there is any reliable website for renting an apartment in Zurich. I just had a quick look - I'm guessing 18 out of the first 20 returned are scams.

Last edited by mirfield; Thank you very much! I guess airbnb is also out?!!

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Girl in my class? :) 8 May Craigslist remains one of the largest and most successful job boards in the but you can use this guide to find out how much it is in your area. 9 Jun Mein Name ist Peter Ptasik, ich diese Wohnung von meiner Tante geerbt haben, die leider im vergangenen Jahr vergangen, und wie ich nicht..


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