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Die Dad Horse Experience beehrt den Kulturkiosk von langeleine. Erst im zarten Alter von 40 Jahren hast Du damit begonnen, Musik zu machen, nachdem Du ein Banjo geschenkt bekommen hast. Wie kam es zu dieser Wandlung? Es ging nicht mehr anders. Viel Mist gebaut, der sich erst nach reichlicher Reifung und mit Gottes Hilfe in fruchtbaren Kompost verwandeln konnte. Was waren Deine eindrucksvollsten Erlebnisse dabei? Als wirklich gut geblasen in Heilbronn mit Geldscheinen beworfen wurde.

Deine Arbeit ist sehr spirituell, aber dennoch voller Humor. Ich sehe da keinen Unterschied: Wie viel Wahrheit steckt in dieser Anekdote? Was darf das geneigte Kulturkiosk-Publikum von Dir erwarten? Ganze 90 Wirklich gut geblasen plus Equipment. Konzert im Lokal voll eingefangen. Ja, richtig Neues gibt es bei Dad Horse Ottn nicht, er ist wie er ist und so lieben ihn alle. Ja, da war noch ein Neuer mit dabei — wirklich gut geblasen der Harp, am Schlagzeug, mit aufgegelten Haaren — Ottn hat ihn aus Melbourne, Australien mitgebracht: Aber der Junge ist wirklich gut, eine Wirklich gut geblasen zum Orchester, zumindest zur Band.

Nein, italienisch spricht Macaroni nicht. Eine Mission ins Paradies. Laat ik beginnen wirklich gut geblasen een waarschuwing: Want The Dad Horse Experience is beslist geen mainstream te noemen.

Zelfs het wirklich gut geblasen Almeerse platenhuis Het Oor had er nog nooit van gehoord. Nu zijn het ook geen eenvoudige meezingers die herr Otten? Achter The Dad Horse schuilt een Duitse singer-songwriter met een volstrekt eigen idioom. Zijn stem doet af en toe denken aan Tom Waits in zijn jonge jaren, en in de uithalen aan een jonge Wirklich gut geblasen Watts.

Het is voor mij de meest verrassende plaat van de afgelopen jaren. Ik was al begonnen te wanhopen. Was er van hogerhand een oekaze uitgegaan die originele muziek na verbood? Je kunt natuurlijk ook Spotify inschakelen of een andere streamer. Ja, het zijn gospels, maar wel uit de kelder. He might be biting his tongue a bit when he says that, but he's not all wrong.

They are gospel songs, even if they contain the occasional profanity, even if we're not sure whether he really is signing about being saved or if he's determined to see the brimstone and the decorations of hell if it actually does kill him. He's a man who will be the first to tell you that he used to be a much different person. He used to court the destruction that he sings about in his tales of gallows humor.

These are the stories that one chews on when there's a monster or an overbearing silence in the room. When one's stuck in a place with all of their transgressions laid out on the table, as if at a visitation, the fear and the looniness can set in. Wirklich gut geblasen one is faced with exactly what they've done wrong, with all of the reasons why they're no angel displayed before them and a sense of foreboding bubbling in the pot over the fire, there's a fear that comes knocking and knocks until you answer.

For Dad Ottn, the story goes that he was a hellraiser until he saw the light and made right with his maker. There's no telling if this is true or not, but no matter if you've become born again, or just cleansed for the very first time, there's no getting away from the shitty things that you've wirklich gut geblasen in that past.

No one's perfectly absolved. Death and bad deeds are the preoccupations of nearly every Dad Horse song, as we're thrown into all sorts of experiences that feel tainted, as if no one's going to come out of them in good shape. They're going to be damaged, it's just a matter of how damaged. These are the wickedest of abandonment issues - the ones involving death, the ones involving the rottenness exhibited toward others.

What's needed in almost every one of the songs on Dad Wirklich gut geblasen two hand-made albums is something akin to a soft landing, something that involves forgiveness and a proper burial.

The soul needs its restfulness, its peace, even after all that it's been through, even after all that it's done. All doesn't have to be lost, only if you want it to be lost, only if you have a weak heart and shaky hands.

Under the guise of The Dad Horse Experience he continues to serve of stiff and bracing doses of his broken-man wirklich gut geblasen. This is sinner music.

Dad Horse remains a master of creepy americana, despite his European roots. The result is basic and raw, raw like an exposed nerve. There are a couple of surprise on Dead Dog on a Highway: Ein eindrucksvolleres Bild hat man wohl selten im spirituellen Liedgut angetroffen. Klingt abgedroschen, aber das ist mehr als value for money. When I first wrote about Dad Horse hereI noted how odd it can be for an American listener to hear this clearly American-influenced blues-folk-gospel wirklich gut geblasen out with a German accent.

But what brings the listener back is the fact that this is clearly no gimmick, not a joke. Dad comes from a place of real love for artists like Washington Phillips, the Carter Family, and Hank Williams, and he pours that love back into his own music and his performance.

While effortlessly playing banjo or mandolin, manning his bass pedals, and sometimes throwing in wirklich gut geblasen little kazoo on top of it all, Dad sang, hollered, and bleated right from the heart throughout his set.

Ottn normally plays as simply The Dad Horse Experience, a one-man band, with his banjo, bass pedal, and sometimes mandolin and kazoo. Had he been well-known in the U. Unfortunately, in this live setting, Ottn interrupts the flow of the song too often with his stage patter.

While Anto sat in on electric guitar and Renato manned the drum kit, Dad Horse Ottn did his thing on the four-string tenor wirklich gut geblasen, basspedal, and vocals. And the content from two of those shows, one at The Old Bar in Melbourne and the other at the Retreat Wirklich gut geblasen in Brunswick, was recorded, committed to listening formats and released by Fuego and Off Label Records. From a crude pulpit of sound built out of banjo-pickin', basspedal operation, electric six-string work, and exact drumming, Dad Horse Ottn delivers his distinctive vocals, or rather he humbly preaches his very own keller gospel from the Wirklich gut geblasen of Heaven.

Lyrically, each line is akin to a hail of sparks falling through the darkness. This man has a message, and music is the medium with which he effectively conveys that message. What's more, it is a message born of darkness and sin, and so it is intended to be delivered in the dark places and to the sinners. A little direction for the lost. Some hope for the seemingly hopeless.

A touch of salve for the wounded. A dot of light at the end of a long tunnel. Indeed, once Dad Horse Ottn takes the stage at any venue, it temporarily becomes his house of worship; the audience becomes his congregation.

That is wirklich gut geblasen how the two recorded shows in Australia went. In addition to thirteen Dad Horse Experience favorites, he included plenty of information in between, talking about things related to each song, the meaning behind it, a story that inspired it, and so on.

And while all of the songs on the album are of note, there are a few that decidedly stand out a little more than the rest, like Dried Out RiverThrough the Holeand Falling. Even more than those three, there are two songs that really made this wirklich gut geblasen exceptional live album - first, the lively full band version of Gates of Heavenand then Lord Must Fix My Soulin which the audience participated, and to which Dad Horse Ottn added relevant commentary between each verse.

And of course there are also a few cover songs, such as the Carter version of Will the Circle be Unbrokenthe traditional St. Like all live albums, it would, in all likelihood, have been better to have been there if only to experience first hand the left of centre between the songs banter that could be best described as oblique even allowing for what gets lost in the realtime translation to English.

Musically, Dad Horse Ottn has taken the opportunity to add a couple of likeminded compadres to fatten up his sound but, no matter how you look, listen or ponder it, wirklich gut geblasen is a set of songs that walk up to the quirky bar and order a large gospel one.

Odd that, the live versions sounding fuller and more complete than the studio versions…. Long live The Dad Horse Experience!

Today, we are happy to share the good news of a live album from our favorite German gospel artist. Anyway, regular readers may already know that the Dad Horse Experience is not your typical gospel act.

And it was a success. The Dad Horse Experience really is an experience. I saw this guy live once at White Trash Fast Food in Berlin and I was pretty intrigued by that strange-looking man with the jug ears and the banjo on his knees. His cellar gospel music has something strangely spiritual to it.

Direkt oder verschroben - beides packt einen ziemlich schnell beim Kragen. Ich werd es vermissen, aber ganz war ich eh nie. Oft als One- Man-Band, zuweilen aber auch mit Begleitern. Und mit einem Sound, der — gelinde gesagt — verwegen ist Johnny Cash und der Exfreund seiner Schwester. Hinzu kommen sein Gesang und das Kazoo - das reicht. Wer nicht viel hat wie ich, der muss halt immer alles geben. Perfekte Musiker interessieren mich selber nicht.

Ich bin dann zu einem Treffen der Anonymen Alkoholiker gegangen, das wurde dort von Hopi-Indianer geleitet und die haben mich Sad Horse getauft. Mittlerweile habe ich zwei Kinder und weine auch weniger — da wirklich gut geblasen ich Dad Horse passender.

Et des atouts le gaillard wirklich gut geblasen a plus d'un: The kingdom of vinyl has many treasures and one of them is The Dad Horse Experience.

An oddball treasure at that but a treasure nonetheless. The fact remains that The Dad Horse Experience is just that - an experience and an enjoyable experience at that.

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Palmenstrand 50 Wirklich gut geblasen live The Dad Horse Experience! Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 23, go to album. Dummerweise hatte ich mich an jenem Abend, schon leicht angeheitert und risikofreudig, ausgerechnet mit den beiden wirklich gut geblasen ein Kartenspiel eingelassen. Der Service war allerdings nicht so toll. Zu dieser Zeit gab es noch kein HIV. While effortlessly playing banjo or mandolin, manning his bass pedals, wirklich gut geblasen sometimes throwing in a little kazoo on top of it all, Dad sang, hollered, and bleated right from the heart throughout his set. Wer steht hier auf harten Kehlfick? Mädchen netter nackter Arsch Kenya Kutombana Geschichten Wirklich gut geblasen 775 Wirklich gut geblasen We besloten 5 dagen van te voren boeken. The following credit cards are accepted: Sign in to your account. So gegen sieben Uhr abends, draussen wurde es schon langsam dunkel, sagte Kerstin: The Dad Horse Experience really wirklich gut geblasen an experience. Was darf das geneigte Kulturkiosk-Publikum von Dir erwarten? Wirklich gut geblasen MILF IR Gangbang


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