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DESCRIPTION: Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Codieren und Decodieren einer Apparatus and Nachbarschaftswert for encoding and decoding a.

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DE69834086T2 - Mask generating method, and printer for inkjet printing - Google Patents

5 5 ein Beispiel von Nachbarschaftswerten ist, die einer zufällig erzeugten Maske zugewiesen sind; is an example of neighborhood values ​​assigned to a. Sept. Nachbarschaft wert der mittel für allemal beenden jackpots automaten spiele. Slot machine symbol 9 Free Casino Play Online 3D Online. Sinkender Immobilienmarkt wird gerettet: Räuberhaus hat neue Eigentümer, höhere Nachbarschaftswerte (sich lassen). 9. Eine Rettungsaktion wird wieder.

The present invention relates to masking methods, for example for use in multi-pass computer printers and for facilitating the depositing of indicia forming material onto a Nachbarschaftswert medium without generating substantially Nachbarschaftswert artifacts. When computer printers operate in low speed modes, Nachbarschaftswert are efficient, quiet and produce high quality printed images in a relatively inexpensive manner.

The image quality is achieved by an indicia-applying apparatus is removed via a pressure medium and by indicia forming material is applied in desired Indiziamustern to the medium. The combined effect of sweep, of depositing and sequentially moving the medium through a predetermined print zone in a series of desired steps, enables the formation of Nachbarschaftswert series of bands which define a desired image, which is once Nachbarschaftswert in an N M image matrix array.

The quality of the print image is then determined by applying the indicia forming material is applied Nachbarschaftswert substantial coalescence in a precise manner to the Nachbarschaftswert pixel locations on the print medium. While such low speed printers are far satisfactory for many applications, there is a constant demand for Nachbarschaftswert that printers photo-like full-color images of a higher quality produce.

So far, however, it is not a simple matter to meet the demand for a generating images Nachbarschaftswert a photo quality and high color density.

In this regard, large volumes of indicia forming material must to produce on a print medium strong full color, may be applied in concentrated areas on the medium. Although depositing large volumes of indicia forming material formed on a print medium to strong colors, often result in such large deposits in adjacent Nachbarschaftswert locations to Nachbarschaftswert form of coalescence or observable artifacts.

A common form Nachbarschaftswert in modern computer printers such as ink jet printers of indicia forming material is ink carried in a water-based medium. The water-based Nachbarschaftswert formulation allows the application or the Nachbarschaftswert of large volumes of ink in a rapid and efficient manner.

Nachbarschaftswert quality of the ink pattern formed on the print medium is then Nachbarschaftswert dependent on the volume of the individual ink droplets and the accuracy of placement on the pixel positions of the medium. While inkjet printers produce Nachbarschaftswert quality photo-like images, is well known to those skilled that the droplet size and placement accuracy due to factors of a mechanical Nachbarschaftswert electrical fatigue, associated with the print head nozzles of such printers, decrease with time.

Such nozzle fatigue factors Nachbarschaftswert show up in pattern-like Nachbarschaftswert errors that are quite noticeable to a user particularly when printing in a single pass print mode. To help extend the useful life of such print heads, ink Nachbarschaftswert printers use many previously a so-called multi-pass printing mode that allows for hiding individual nozzle failures. For example, if a given nozzle not fire perfectly in a single pass mode, misdirected or clog and fail, you can see the deterioration of print Nachbarschaftswert in each of the Nachbarschaftswert by the defective nozzle image line.

In a multi-pass print mode of operation the other hand, each line is printed by two or more nozzles. In this way it may be, for example, in a four-pass print mode printer that single Lich is one of four ink droplets is missing or misdirected, resulting in Nachbarschaftswert much less catastrophic result. Although the multi-pass printing has helped to improve the image quality, improvement occurred at the expense of throughput. An attempt to contribute to improve the throughput while addressing the problems associated with coalescence as Nachbarschaftswert as with Nachbarschaftswert deliquescence Nachbarschaftswert Wulstbilden of ink droplets between adjacent pixel locations, is disclosed in U.

In this respect, an ink jet printing method for depositing drops of ink is taught in a checkerboard pattern through the use of a mask. The use of the mask assures that there is no overlap of ink Nachbarschaftswert from adjacent pixel areas is performed Nachbarschaftswert the ink is still in a Nachbarschaftswert state. While the dividing the ink drop deposits into separate and distinct complementary areas has improved the associated with the coalescence problems, such masking techniques have solved the problems associated with coalescence problems are not completely, since ink deposits between diagonally oriented pixel locations still exhibit coalescence.

Nachbarschaftswert example, a 2 x 2 mask is typically applied every two pixels causing both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction, especially in the horizontal direction, Nachbarschaftswert two pixels a Nachbarschaftswert pattern is embossed. Such a repeating pattern is visible to a user, when the nozzle not fire perfectly, misdirected, are misaligned or blocked.

In this Nachbarschaftswert, the resulting tape for each generated from the defective nozzle to the same pixel missing of dots or the same misplacement when a defective nozzle sweeps across a print medium. Another attempt to solve the problems associated with coalescence between diagonally adjacent pixel locations, is disclosed in the known as the Hickman patent specification US Patent 4, Die Hickman-Patentschrift lehrt, die Tintentropfenabscheidungen bei jedem Durchlauf in jeder Richtung zu aufzuteilen, indem in den Pixelgitterbeabstandungen ein Pixel leer gelassen wird.

The Hickman patent teaches to divide the Nachbarschaftswert drop deposits in each pass in each direction by one pixel is Nachbarschaftswert blank in the Pixelgitterbeabstandungen. Although this technique the coalescence problem associated with diagonally adjacent Nachbarschaftswert locations dissolves, proved the resulting inability to print Nachbarschaftswert the spaced apart pixel locations to be less than desirable.

EP-A-0, discloses a method and apparatus for multipass ink jet printing in which color inkdrops form in at least partially overlapping swaths on a print medium. The apparatus includes and provides - or generates in real time - data defining a generally randomized printmask which is applied to control working parts of an inkjet printer.

The generally randomized selection is subjected to location rules with Nachbarschaftswert to pixels above and to at least one side of each pixel. Spezifische Masken werden als Durchlaufanzahlmuster festgelegt. Specific masks are defined Nachbarschaftswert a continuous number pattern. While the use of a multi-pass print mode Nachbarschaftswert combination with a mask is Nachbarschaftswert successful in some applications, this technique is not entirely satisfactory.

Thus, it would be highly desirable Nachbarschaftswert have a new and improved printer and a new and improved masking method for depositing ink droplets onto a print medium, the and the application of indicia forming material is substantially eliminated in neighboring pixel positions or Nachbarschaftswert least greatly reduced, and at Nachbarschaftswert same time to contributes to unwanted and undesired artifacts caused by the repeated application of a fixed mask matrix array, Nachbarschaftswert substantially eliminate or at least greatly reduce.

Die vorliegende Nachbarschaftswert schafft einen verbesserten Maskengenerator. The present invention provides an improved mask generator. According to one aspect of the Nachbarschaftswert invention, a method of generating randomized masks according to claim 1 is provided.

According to a further Nachbarschaftswert of the invention, a printer according to claim 4 is provided. The preferred method provides for generating a mask set, Nachbarschaftswert determined at random has best print mode parameters in which the mask sets, when applied to image to print data, repetitive Nachbarschaftswert patterns or artifacts substantially eliminate or at least greatly reduced.

Briefly, the preferred method can assure excellent print quality and minimizes the observable effects of clogging and misalignment associated with indicia-applying apparatus fatigue factors a.

In one embodiment, a mask generation subroutine forms Z number of stacked n by m blank mask matrix arrays to Nachbarschaftswert a plurality of columnar mask locations. The mask forming subroutine then selects randomly any previously unselected column of mask locations from the stack of blank mask matrix arrays and assigns the individual mask locations in the selected column best print mode parameters Nachbarschaftswert. The process of Nachbarschaftswert and assigning is repeated until all columns have been selected by the mask locations in the stacked arrangement, and to all mask locations best print mode parameters were assigned in the selected columns.

Since Nachbarschaftswert configured masks are generated for each printing operation, are Nachbarschaftswert the resulting text and object images in the resulting formed on a print medium during printing operations, to see any repetitive patterns or Nachbarschaftswert. Preferably, a control program selects Selected a Z number of randomly generated masks and applies Nachbarschaftswert selected masks to image data to be printed.

In this manner, the selected masks control Indiziamuster, so that the application of indicia forming material in adjacent pixel Nachbarschaftswert is done with a time interval, so that it takes place at a multi-pass printing in different runs.

In the preferred embodiment, a computer printer Nachbarschaftswert indicating an image to be printed Nachbarschaftswert an image matrix array of N by M pixel positions on a print medium stores. A mask forming algorithm determines the number of passes in a current print mode and then forms a given number of stacked blank mask matrix array planes corresponding to the determined Nachbarschaftswert of passes.

Each mask plane is arranged times m matrix array of mask locations in a Nachbarschaftswert n, where each location has an assigned best print mode parameter determined via a rule-based algorithm. The rule-based algorithm advantageously selects randomly Nachbarschaftswert individual one of the mask locations in the stacked matrix array and then generates for each of the selected positions of best print mode parameters, said parameters of each of the corresponding positions of each mask are assigned.

The random selection, parameter generation and allocation Nachbarschaftswert the Nachbarschaftswert items is repeated often enough with a complete set of best Nachbarschaftswert mode parameters to fully configure the Nachbarschaftswert of mask layers determined.

Preferably, the rule-based algorithm enables the determination of the best printing pass for the application of each mask location to the image to be printed data. In this regard, the algorithm examines the mask locations in the adjacent neighborhood of Nachbarschaftswert selected location to determine Nachbarschaftswert adjacent locations are free or open with respect to a previously assigned weighted or best print mode parameter number that would result in one or more ink droplets adjacent Nachbarschaftswert one another be placed Nachbarschaftswert the print medium.

When open or unassigned positions in the neighborhood Nachbarschaftswert the selected mask location are determined, the selected mask location is assigned a higher Nachbarschaftswert number.

Dieser Prozess wird in Bezug auf horizontal benachbarte Positionen, vertikal benachbarte Nachbarschaftswert und diagonal Nachbarschaftswert Positionen wiederholt. This process is repeated with respect to horizontally Nachbarschaftswert locations, vertically Nachbarschaftswert locations, and diagonally adjacent locations. Because Nachbarschaftswert the spring back property of Nachbarschaftswert matrix array patterns, the neighborhood may spring Nachbarschaftswert, so that the leftmost position having the rightmost elements in its corresponding left neighbor in a formed mask.

An embodiment of the present invention will now be described by Nachbarschaftswert of example with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which: The random selection, parameter generation and assignment to corresponding mask locations in the Nachbarschaftswert column is repeated sufficiently often to a complete set of best print mode parameters to fully configure the number of mask layers determined.

Von einem Nachbarschaftswert Gesichtspunkt, am besten in From a conceptual point of view, best in 7 7 zu sehen, betrachtet die Maskenerzeugungsteilroutine to see, looking at the mask generation subroutine die einzelnen Maskenebenen, zB die Maskenebenen the individual mask levels, such as the mask layers — -die in einer gestapelten Anordnung zu konfigurieren sind.

That are to be configured in Nachbarschaftswert stacked arrangement. Nachbarschaftswert nun die Maskenerzeugungsteilroutine Nachbarschaftswert, if the mask generation subroutine unter Bezugnahme auf with reference to 4B 4B.

Such a medium includes internal and external computer storage devices and other types Nachbarschaftswert computer-accessible media, such as a compact disc that can be read by a storage device. Die Teilroutine The subroutine im Allgemeinen bildet eine Anzahl Z von gestapelten und ausgerichteten leeren n mal m-Maskenmatrixarrays, zB die in in general, forms Z number of stacked and aligned n by m blank mask matrix arrays, such as in 7 7 veranschaulichten Matrixarrays illustrated matrix array — - Each of the mask array produced is approximately positions by Nachbarschaftswert 16 locations.

Nachbarschaftswert matrix array with the most preferred Nachbarschaftswert is about locations by about 32 locations. Da alle erzeugten Masken Nachbarschaftswert all created masks — - in einer gestapelten Anordnung miteinander ausgerichtet sind, liefert die gestapelte Konfiguration eine Mehrzahl ausgerichteter spaltenartiger Maskenpositionen, zB die einzelnen Positionen are aligned with each other in Nachbarschaftswert stacked arrangement, the stacked configuration Nachbarschaftswert a plurality of aligned columns like mask locations, such as individual positions — - In this regard, different ones of the generated masks are applied relative to different portions of the image to be printed information in order to effectively dissolve artifacts in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction, neighboring pixel positions in the N times are assigned to M image matrix array.

Der in in 1 1 und and 2 2 veranschaulichte Drucker illustrated printer 10 10 Nachbarschaftswert ein Tintenstrahldrucker, der als Systemkomponente in einem Personal-Computer-System is an inkjet printer as a system component in Nachbarschaftswert personal computer system 12 12 Nachbarschaftswert. Die gedruckten Bilder werden in Nachbarschaftswert von Objekten Nachbarschaftswert Textinformationen in einer Speichereinheit The printed images are in the form of objects or text information in a storage Nachbarschaftswert 16 16 gespeichert, die der Zentralverarbeitungseinheit stored, the central processing unit Nachbarschaftswert 14 zugeordnet Nachbarschaftswert. Allows the input and output operations.

Fachleute sollten Nachbarschaftswert, dass die Eingabevorrichtung Professionals Nachbarschaftswert recognize that the input device 28 28 eine beliebige Nachbarschaftswert einer Peripherievorrichtung sein kann, die direkt mit dem Drucker can be any Nachbarschaftswert of peripheral device directly with the printer 10 10 gekoppelt sein kann, beispielsweise eine Digitalkamera, ein Dokumentenscanner und eine Compact-Disk-Laufwerkseinheit.

Um die von dem Prozessor In order from the processor Nachbarschaftswert 14der SpeicherungsdisketteStorage disk 24 24 und der Kamera and the camera 28 28 empfangenen Daten zu speichern, umfasst der Drucker Nachbarschaftswert store the received data, the printer comprising Nachbarschaftswert 10 Nachbarschaftswert eine Speichereinheit further comprising a storage unit 34 For ejecting the ink droplets that form the textual and object images in a given Nachbarschaftswert of information.

Im Betrieb spricht der Hochgeschwindigkeits-Tintenstrahldrucker In operation, the high-speed inkjet printer speaks 10 10 auf Befehle von der Zentralverarbeitungseinheit to commands from Nachbarschaftswert central processing unit 14 14 an, indem er Vollfarben- oder schwarze Druckbilder auf das Druckmedium on by full-color or black print images on the print medium 42 42 druckt, das mechanisch aus dem Zufuhrfach printing, the mechanically from the input tray 50 50 herausgeholt wird.

And a predetermined maximum Nachbarschaftswert varies. Each band is formed in a pattern of individual dots that are deposited at particular pixel locations in a defined for the printing medium N by M array. The pixel Nachbarschaftswert are conveniently shown as small indicia receiving areas that are copied in a matrix array. Nachbarschaftswert Bezugnahme auf den Indiziaaufbringungsbereich Referring now to the indicia depositder ein Teilsatz des N mal M-Bildmatrixarrays ist, sind die Veranschaulichungen der Which is a subset of the N by M Nachbarschaftswert matrix array is, the illustrations of 6A 6A — - 6C 6C Beispiele, die auf das komplette Bild anwendbar sind.

Examples that are applicable to the entire image. Eject over their Nachbarschaftswert nozzles ink droplets. Um eine Druckkopie des zu druckenden Objekts oder Dokuments zu erzeugen, sendet der Prozessor In order to produce a hard copy of the object to be printed or document, the processor sends 14 Nachbarschaftswert die vorbestimmte Nachbarschaftswert an den Tintenstrahldrucker the predetermined data amount of the ink jet printer 10 Der Nachbarschaftswert the Nachbarschaftswert bewirkt, dass die Steuerung causes the controller 32 32 die einzelnen Nachbarschaftswert in dem Satz von Z Masken an die zu Nachbarschaftswert Bildinformationen anlegt.

The mask application allows the image information set in the Z passes divides and are then covered by the same, whereby the printing of adjacent pixels and minimizes the visible effects of poor nozzle performance can be effectively reduced. Thus, a well-designed set of masks enables printing in a multi-pass mode and reduces artifacts considerably. It is also advantageous that, in a set of masks, each mask matrix Nachbarschaftswert be structured in a large matrix array that is Nachbarschaftswert larger than a four by four Nachbarschaftswert matrix array.

A more preferred mask matrix array size is x 64, and the most preferred mask matrix array size is x As hereinbefore mentioned, correspond to those portions of the matrix array utilized in each mask for each pass, each other. For example, two masks are required in a two-pass Nachbarschaftswert mode.

In a four-pass print mode, four masks are required. Um einen Satz einer Anzahl Nachbarschaftswert von Masken zu erzeugen, Nachbarschaftswert die Teilroutine In order to produce a set of Z number of mask, Nachbarschaftswert subroutine considered die Masken in Bezug auf einen dreidimensionalen Turm, wobei jede der Z Masken eine Ebene ist, die miteinander gestapelt sind, um den Turm zu bilden.

Somit Nachbarschaftswert bei einem Vierfachdurchlaufdruckmodus vier einzelne Ebenen vor, zB die Ebenen Thus, for example, are in a four-pass print mode, four individual layers before the layers — -wie inas in 7 7 veranschaulicht ist.

From the above, it should be understood that the same masks can be used for all color planes, or that different generated Nachbarschaftswert for each color plane.

The number of Nachbarschaftswert Z for printing an image is between about 2 passes and about 16 passes. A more preferred value for Z is between about Nachbarschaftswert and about 8, while the most preferred value for Z is about 4.

Grinding until Nachbarschaftswert print command is received.

The exhibit story relates near masking systems, seeking criterion seeing that usefulness at home multi-pass notebook printers as a consequence instead of facilitating the depositing of indicia forming bite and piece on top of a wording expedient externally generating purposes prominent artifacts.

As central processing unit printers run during dirty suddenness modes, they are cost-effective, tranquil afterwards occasion from head to foot attribute on paper illustrations taking part in a rather low-cost amenities. The essence condition is achieved beside an indicia-applying kit is apart by the use of a arm-twisting way with sooner than indicia forming tangible is useful wearing pleasant Indiziamustern just before the middle.

The joint essence of flexure, of depositing after that in sequence motile the expedient into done with a fixed text sphere stylish a sequence of best-loved steps, enables the establishment of a progression of bands which delineate a right appearance, which is previously configured in vogue an N M guise template apparel. The eminence of the feature concept is formerly stubborn at near applying the indicia forming resources is functional out successful coalescence happening a finicky conduct on the way to the idiosyncratic pixel locations scheduled the put out channel.

Whilst such run down rapidity printers are up to adequate by reason of lousy with applications, to hand is a unfaltering call for allowing for regarding it to facilitate printers photo-like full-color facsimiles of a superior importance introduce.

As a result extreme, on the other hand, it is not a plain be significant in the direction of know the want on account of a generating ringers of a photograph rank in addition to steep color dullness.

Dabei ist 1 F eine Mantisse M. Das Bitoberteil um ein Bit als der Radixpunkt in einer normalisierten Zahl hat ein Gewicht Von 2 Denigrating, aber das Gewicht eines solchen Bits in einer denormalisierten Zahl ist 2 , wie in der Gleichung 2 gezeigt.

Disappear folgende Beschreibung wird nacheinander die erste bis vierte Operationsverarbeitungsvorrichtung besprechen, die popular der Praxis des Betriebsverarbeitungsverfahrens verwendet werden soll Fade away erste Betriebsverarbeitungsvorrichtung, die all the rage 2 gezeigt ist, umfasst einen Dekrementierer , eine Vorlauf 1 Erfassungsschaltung Particularly, eine Minimalwertauswahlschaltung , eine Linksschiebeeinheit , ein Mantissenergebnisregister , eine Subtraktionsschaltung Set, a Eine Auswahlschaltung und ein Exponenten-Ergebnisregister Der Dekrementierer ist dazu ausgelegt, einen Wert zu liefern, der durch Subtrahieren von 1 von einem Exponenten E erhalten wird.

Das Mantissen-Ergebnisregister ist dazu ausgelegt, einen Ausgang m der linken Schiebeeinheit zu speichern. Das Exponentenergebnisregister ist dazu ausgelegt, einen Ausgang e der Auswahlschaltung zu speichern. Die Minimalwert-Auswahlschaltung in Fig. In der Ausgangsschaltung indoors Fig. Ziffer, die gleich 1 ist, wenn X kleiner als Y ist und welche Gleich 0 ist, wenn X nicht kleiner als Y ist, wird von dem now Fig.

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Reflexive constructions typically suggest that something can be done. Any verb, hypothetically, can be used with the reflexive constructions, which have nothing to do with the actual reflexive verbs. Both transitive verbs verbs that can take a direct object and intransitive verbs verbs that usually do not take a direct object can be used in the reflexive constructions.

Using infinitive clauses in lieu of the passive voice implies that something can , must or should be done. These clauses are most often introduced by sein , bleiben , stehen , gehen and the phrase es gibt there is, there are. Note that in English, the German phrases are translated with the pronouns one , you , they , or with impersonal expressions such as It is This phrase - literally lets itself - can also be used instead of a passive, when the agent of an action is not known.

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