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DESCRIPTION: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Public Lab Books to Borrow. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States UFFF MILFIG the use of the text.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Public Lab Books to Borrow. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Our proc- esses of thought in the ever-widening environment UFFF MILFIG these busy, modern days have become so automatic that we are apt to lose sight of UFFF MILFIG historical evidences of the long, constructive past written large over the pages of the voluminous present.

That there is a whole volume of human history back of every one of the twenty-six alphabetic characters with which we write our thoughts UFFF MILFIG be a new idea to most readers of this book. Yet one will find as he investigates the UFFF MILFIG that these simple symbols, apparently so arbitrary and meaningless to our latter-day eyes, are replete with the linguistic, even the domestic, history of countless generations UFFF MILFIG our remote ancestors.

He will discover as he has unfolded to him their llfe-hlstory that these characters have been designed, shaped and molded by many successive artists toiling un- der palm and pine ; each one in his turn modifying, alter- UFFF MILFIG and simplifying them, using them UFFF MILFIG the day and 2 A HISTORY OF WRITING generation of his own race to pass them on as a priceless UFFF MILFIG to other nations.

Let any one for a moment scan the pages of a printed book — UFFF MILFIG one for instance — or any book in a Eu- ropean or Asiatic language, except the Chinese or its derived scripts, and he will discover what every intelligent person has known from childhood, that the intended thought of the writer is conveyed to UFFF MILFIG mind of the reader by means of printed characters of abstract form, which represent spoken words and which " spell out " the words phonetically, syllable for syllable, as they are pro- nounced.

It Is trvte that our own English language has many startling exceptions to this general rule, sufficient to make it the despair of all foreigners. Nevertheless, the principle holds true, with the most trivial exceptions, for the main body of the text of every book through all its UFFF MILFIG from cover to cover. The printed words that we read, which are made up of the present, purely arbitrary characters UFFF MILFIG we know as alphabetic signs, convey to UFFF MILFIG mind UFFF MILFIG these abstract symbols word-pictures comparable to the primitive ideographs — idea-pictures — which UFFF MILFIG the ancient precursors and prototypes of these symbols.

These printed or written words of the classical parchments, the medieval manuscripts and the modern books, it must be remembered, stand for the phonetic names of the intended things, representing them to the mind, but bearing no resemblance to them in form. By long association, however, these word-symbols, despite their apparently arbitrary character, call up in UFFF MILFIG mind of the reader the corporate things themselves ; not alone their names, but their forms, qualities or attributes that the thousands of words in the language have come to UFFF MILFIG resent.

They are idea-pictures as well as sound-oictures. So unconscious has this long association become, whereby tangible things and abstract UFFF MILFIG are re- called by arbitrary symbols, that it probably will be a matter of considerable surprise to many of our readers to learn that there ever was a time when writing was any- thing different.

But it will be the purpose of this book to prove by incontestible evidence that practically all systems of writing can be traced back through successive stages of development to a primitive age, long anterior to the invention of letters, when all records were merely the pictures of the things or ideas expressed.

We have only to look about us in the world UFFF MILFIG discover that we have had quite up to the present generation, in the records of the UFFF MILFIG of our own land, in the writing of the Chinese and of other nations, the contemporaneous use by different peoples the world over, of almost every phase of this world-wide and age-long evolution of the won- derful art of writing.

For national development in the matter of writing has been most unequal. Some nations for one cause or another — racial backwardness, isolation, servitude or other unhappy causes contributing to it — never to this UFFF MILFIG have evolved any system of written record; while other nations, some even contiguous through all the centuries to these laggards in civilization, invented and practiced the art of writing and enjoyed its beneficent results many millenniums ago.

It Is probable that the Homeric epics were chanted from UFFF MILFIG during the early years of the sec- ond millennium before Christ, ere contact with the Phoenicians conferred upon the Greeks the art of per- petuating their heroics In visible, graphic form.

The Romans, just before the birth of Christ, finding the Gothic barbarians of northern and western Europe Illiterate and possessed of no other means of record than tallies of knotted cord and notched wood, taught them to write with the Roman letters. And the descendants of these same Europeans In the i6th and 17th centuries, coming In contact with the aborigines of this Western Continent, discovered them like children studying the primer of writ- ing and drawing the pictures of the things and Ideas that they desired UFFF MILFIG remember or to impart to others.

It doubtless will be a still greater surprise to the reader to be told that there are yet retained in our language not a few of the UFFF MILFIG pictures that antedate writing, al- tered and modified, UFFF MILFIG be sure, through ages of use, dur- ing which interval they have become greatly simplified and conventionalized. All written languages contain these silent witnesses of their pictorial origin, existing like the persistence of ancestral traits in individual tribes; or to be UFFF MILFIG our point, like the roots of their spoken words converging different dialects back to a common linguistic parent.

The reader will notice In the pages of this book, be- sides the alphabetic characters which we hope to be able to show later on probably are the corrupted forms of primitive pictures, other characters used as the representa- tion of words UFFF MILFIG are not phonetic at all, but at a UFFF MILFIG glance seem as arbitrary as the letters themselves, the component parts of printed words. They are In reality conventionalized pictures. After turning the title page the reader will come to the table of contents, and here at once he will find two kinds of characters, neither alphabetic nor phonetic.

These, as all know, are the numerals used in the Roman system of notation. They do not " spell " the names of the numbers, but literally picture them. No mode of UFFF MILFIG could be simpler or more UFFF MILFIG. The UFFF MILFIG are noth- ing less than pictures of the fingers held up in counting; and they indeed are called " digits," from the Latin digitus, the finger.

V, which represents five, is beyond question a highly con- ventionalized picture of the extended hand with its four fingers and the thumb. We shall endeavor to show throughout this book how pictorial characters and their lineal descendants, written symbols, have constantly un- dergone simplification from the original pictures through less and less complex forms until the UFFF MILFIG, simplest, ab- stract stage has been reached.

X is a conventionalized picture of UFFF MILFIG two hands together, with the thumbs and fingers extended, somewhat resembling a mitten; while IX rep- resents one digit less than X. Opposite the chapter numbers in the table of contents will be seen the page numbers: Here again are characters wholly different from either the Roman numerals or the letters of the Roman alphabet — our classic inheritance.

They are the Arabic system of no- tation. The characters have no phonetic value whatever. Their curving lines more closely resemble written script, being cursive in general UFFF MILFIG acter. They are to-day obviously pure symbols, UFFF MILFIG the last phase of a long development or transformation, pos- sibly beginning in a picture of the idea in primitive days, and gradually simplified and conventionalized until finally reduced to the bare elements that we now see.

The Arabs Introduced them into Europe, UFFF MILFIG they probably obtained them from the Hindus. Herodotus Informs us that they — the Arabs — UFFF MILFIG them from India. We likewise are Indebted to the peoples of the East: It will be Interest- ing before we begin to unravel the more complex mys- tery that surrounds the history of our alphabetic char- acters to refer to some of these symbols; for they are the survivals of a hoary antiquity long anterior to the age of writing, when pictures only were employed In " the short but simple annals " of the early races of re- mote antiquity.

It will be of great Interest to us In the prosecution of our quest to find that we still use for cer- tain ideas pictures — corrupted It Is true — that stand for these Ideas UFFF MILFIG as printed words stand for the phonetic counterpart of spoken words, but as the pictorial repre- lA more or less plausible explanation of the origin of the first three Arabic numerals is that they were UFFF MILFIG from the representation of one, two and three horizontal strokes with a cursive glide UFFF MILFIG connecting them, owing to rapid sketching, thus: Let us turn to the dictionary for a few moments, for there we shall find UFFF MILFIG ready list of all the symbolic signs in use in our language.

Probably no signs in any system of writing are more primitive than those which denote celestial and terrestrial feaures: The signs of the zodiac, given in most almanacs, are UFFF MILFIG the oldest symbols that we have.

Their origin is not yet definitely traced, but they are known greatly to antedate the classic period of Rome. There is a large zodiac painted on the walls of the Temple of UFFF MILFIG in Egypt, dating back to the early days of imperial Rome, which has the identical objects: They must have been in use pos- sibly centuries prior to this period, descending from an UFFF MILFIG ancestry.

In Indian art zodiacs are met with at a very early period; UFFF MILFIG in Babylonia as far back as the time of Nebuchadijezzar I B. We find the sun, moon, stars, and sometimes the archer, the scorpion, the goat, etc.

Among the many signs shown in this particular example of in- vocation to the gods we UFFF MILFIG the sun, UFFF MILFIG, stars and the divinities indicated by the archer and the scorpion. In the left-hand UFFF MILFIG of Fig. It may be a literary corruption like No. Boundary stone of Nebuchadrezzar I, with signs of the UFFF MILFIG bodies and celestial divinities. It certainly has its characteristic swing and action.

In the astronomical signs used in almanacs for the sun, moon, planets, etc. UFFF MILFIG more prominent of these signs are illustrated in the right-hand column of Fig. The signs for sun, moon, star and comet are obvious. They probably have been employed as ideographs since men first began to record annals and events, ages before syllabic or alphabetic writ- ing was invented. We shall come across some of these several times in the signs employed for writing by differ- ent nations widely separated.

It is interesting to note in passing that " UFFF MILFIG " in Chinese, which we shall soon show is a species of picture-writing, is the " face in the heavens. The UFFF MILFIG is shown with its meridian and equator. Mars is symbolized by his shield and spear. The sign for Jupiter is a hieroglyphic representation of an eagle, Jove's sacred bird. The reader may note a resem- blance in this symbol, more than fanciful, to the Baby- lonian sign UFFF MILFIG bird, shown UFFF MILFIG the third character in the second vertical row of signs in Fig.

Some authorities consider UFFF MILFIG peculiar sign a representation of Jupiter's thunder-bolt. The reader may note UFFF MILFIG distant resemblance UFFF MILFIG it and the sign that physicians mark on their prescriptions: The sign for Uranus records the name of its discoverer, Herschel, which for a long time was the proper name of the planet. Ideographic symbols UFFF MILFIG in astronomy. The signs of the zodiac and the heavenly bodies.

It is highly probable that not a few written characters in the languages of the past have originated UFFF MILFIG a manner equally as novel as this sign for Uranus. Many modern Chinese characters appear to date back to an origin quite as fortuitous. Neptune is most appropriately symbolized by a trident, the emblem of the god of the sea. There are other arbitrary signs in daily use, which, while not pictorial in their general character or origin, show the strong UFFF MILFIG in languages toward convention- alization and corruption UFFF MILFIG preexisting forms.

It Is this tendency which doubtless has operated from the earliest times to transform our alphabetic characters from their historic, pictorial prototypes Into their present meaning- less, arbitrary forms. We will present a few of UFFF MILFIG arbitrary symbols yet lingering in our written language and in daily use by us. The character lb, " pound weight," is formed from the first and third letters of the sarpe Latin word, with a cross line to give it a distinctive character.

The sign is a graphic modifica- tion of the Latin UFFF MILFIG ad, " at" or " to. The same authority also says that the exclamation mark! This may seem rather fanciful, but abundant examples of written characters made up in this figurative manner may be found in the archaic symbols of ancient languages and in phonetic characters in-the-making, like the Chinese, long since arrested in the development of its written characters at an early stage.

Indeed, the fig- urative Is the next stage of development after the em- ployment of purely representative or ideographic signs. There are many other symbols used In mathematics, music, chemistry, etc.

They represent the idea, not the word, and picture It to the mind often in a figurative form. It must be ad- mitted, however, UFFF MILFIG all Is UFFF MILFIG, considering the many thousands of words and characters in our written lan- guage, that there are comparatively few survivals to re- mind us of UFFF MILFIG former rich, graphic nature of the writing of those distant peoples of antiquity from whom our ances- tors or precursors received their UFFF MILFIG. Yet the sum of 14 A HISTORY OF WRITING all the evidence is quite too overwhelming to be doubted that our present alphabetic signs UFFF MILFIG but the corruptions of primitive pictures, each having lost through the attri- UFFF MILFIG of ages UFFF MILFIG peculiar pictorial character, having passed through the transforming hands of many different na- tionalities and races, each contributing its share of altera- tion or modification, until they have become conventional- ized and simplified into their present, latest arbitrary form.

We UFFF MILFIG say their last form, for future genera- tions may yet mold and modify these alphabetic signs as past UFFF MILFIG of men have done; but we may confi- dently assert that no further radical UFFF MILFIG ever UFFF MILFIG or can be effected.

Pos- sibly the cross to the t will before long be retired into oblivion and other slight and unimportant modifications at present undreamt may be made. Yet It may safely be claimed that the final chapter is practically completed, and that the long historic development of our written characters forever Is a closed book.

We also have a few words still lingering In our lan- guage, historic echoes from the past of our mother tongue, that spealc most eloquently of facts concerning whole chapters of the early history of the materials and tools UFFF MILFIG which our early precursors carried on the art of writing. UFFF MILFIG words afford corroborative proof of and establish UFFF MILFIG our imagination the ancient methods whereby written records have been preserved in UFFF MILFIG various ma- terials in which they have been UFFF MILFIG and handed UFFF MILFIG to us.

A few examples of these words, freighted with historic Import, UFFF MILFIG suffice. The classic name for it, biblos, has given us our word for bible. We know that in Rome the laws were written UFFF MILFIG boards of oak which were displayed in the Forum.

There are other examples that could be instanced, but as they are apart from our main inquiry we will offer but a few concluding witnersses. Perhaps no word more loudly proclaims its origin in the ancient usages of writ- ing and book-making than our modern word " volume," which is derived from the UFFF MILFIG volumen, a roll.

We know from classic sculptures and wall paintings, and have had it confirmed again and UFFF MILFIG by papyrus and parch- ment rolls preserved in the dry sands of Egypt, that the roll was the customary form of preserving UFFF MILFIG docu- ments.


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