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DESCRIPTION: Sign in with Facebook Bikini Shop Sex Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Malibu Bikini Shop

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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Malibu Bikini Shop Bourkie 11 October It was at my next-door neighbours house that I first saw "The Bikini Shop," I was eight years old and very grateful. Tonight, some 14 years later I was reminded of the movie, when dinner conversation turned to two way mirrors. The story is that ancient old one of, boy meets girl - boy runs a bikini shop his late aunty has left him - boy wins over girl.

Throw in a baddie, an old flame he is trying to be rid of, a rambunctious brother and some trippy dream sequences and you have 90 minutes of a flimsy story line standing in the way of the meaning of life for most fellas - naked women. Was this review helpful? Yes No Report this. Mitch Rapp 19 January Next to the beach, this was the best way to watch girls in different states of nudity.

Now these films might not be Oscar material, but to us kids in the 80s it was heaven. Don't get me wrong hardly any of them, if any, have any greater plot than to show good looking half naked girls,and maybe give Bikini Shop Sex few good laughs while they do so. But if you are expecting a movie like this to have any other purpose than nudity and good Bikini Shop Sex girls,you have parked your but in front of the wrong movie.

I give this 5 star. For the memory alone. Just a fun movie set in the 80's before political correctness, which has driven movies to be largely manufactured with the same plots, and with a single developed character supporting actors with real roles has become a thing of the past. The feminists will scream exploitation, but it's harmless fun, and extremely tame compared to what teenagers now watch on the internet by comparison - just bikinis and a few boobs. It's a fact of life that men will always look at women, especially good looking ones; and this film has a number of them, plus some good music.

The plot was never meant to be drama, but just a light weight Bikini Shop Sex about two boys inheriting a bikini shop - every guys dream; and their attempts to save it with marketing initiatives worth seeing. No murders or gratuitous violence; you just end up with a grin after watching it.

Our world could do worse. I can't believe this movie has an overall rating of Bikini Shop Sex. This is a classic 80's movie. OK so maybe it's a over dramatic and the acting Bikini Shop Sex the best I've ever seen, Bikini Shop Sex it is thoroughly entertaining. This is the kind of movie you just sit back and relax to, you don't look into or try to find inner meaning.

Instead you kick back and relax and take it for what it is. I found this movie to be not only funny, but quite reminscient of some people I know. I know there isn't much character development here, but the contrast between the uptight and openly laid back brothers are just great.

When the uptight brother finds out what he's been missing all his life, he realizes that there is a lot more fun to be had outside his inner bubble of sanctity and security.

A different opinion here! I just can't believe that people don't like this movie. Whenever I'm sad, I watch it and it always cheers me up. And by the way, the music is great. The closing song is my favorite. Though I'm a hip-hop fan I really like it. If I see the movie in the morning I can't get it out of my head til late afternoon.

And it's always enjoying to see all these palms and sunny beaches. And the mood is so right: And even the fact that people are getting old and this movie reminds them of what they won't ever have again is not enough. If you want to see a drama, go and see Bikini Shop Sex. If you want to see many special effects, go and see "Star Wars", but if you want to see a funny movie full with sun and smiles, go and see "Malibu Bikini Shop" because I really think that Bikini Shop Sex people will enjoy it.

At first in order to sell it. Meanwhile Alan whom is engaged to the stunning, but whiny, spoiled Jane is falling for Ronnie, a sexy worker at the shop. This is a typically lightweight '80's teen sex comedy that's a tad light in the nudity department when compared to other films of it's ilk, yet still holds a place in my heart, simply because it was a staple of USA's now sadly defunct "Up All Night" series which in turn was a big part of my formative years. The plot of two brothers trying to save their inherited bikini shop doesn't matter.

The unending MTV moments doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that "Malibu Bikini Bikini Shop Sex is a beach bunny voyeur's delight. There are dozens and dozens of bikini closeups, a cute plot, adequate acting, and authentic beach front atmosphere. A couple of outrageous moments, involving a two way mirror in the girls dressing room, are highlights. Naturally there is some tasteful nudity too.

Sure some scenes go on way too long, stretching the 80 minutes of material to 98 minutes, but that is a so what, since the tedious musical numbers all involve bikinis. This is a lighthearted fun beach frolic that stands above almost all of it's similar competition. Dipaling 22 December LOng before he would make a name for himself in films like "The Great Hereafter". He plays the easygoing,beer-guzzling beach Bikini Shop Sex who co-owns the titular shop with his upright,uptight brother Michael David Wright,anyone know where he went?

Of course,nearly everybody in this film is a Bikini Shop Sex Save for long-running lounge and TV variety act impresario Charlie Brill,in a bit part ,and the film Bikini Shop Sex entirely motorized on the presence of sexy,scantily clad women who may or may not be taking' it all off over the course of the film.

THink "HArdbodies" with a slightly less misogynistic tone. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit when I was a teen take a wild guess as to why ,and while I probably haven't had a look at this film Bikini Shop Sex the early nineties,I saw it enough times that I can practically count all the scenes of nudity and recall them in loving slow-mo!

To anyone else--and assuming you'd have the patience to sit through this! Well,Bruce,just repeat to yourself: Bruce Greenwood shows more flair here Bikini Shop Sex he ever did in Double Jeopardy. If thats not good enough what about the two way Bikini Shop Sex in the shop itself, straight out of Porky's.

Remington has a few good one liners, but it's all about Tod, Bruce Greenwood, is the brains behind his brother's nerdyness. Why this Canadian actor wearing a sailors hat and an unbuttoned shirt Bikini Shop Sex appealing to me, I don't know, but he's choice in the role.

As soon as you listen to the soundtrack you may Bikini Shop Sex they are reject songs from Valley Girl, but there are some really good music. Better than 'Welcome to 18'.

Scarecrow 21 November I'll make an admission, a plot, such as the one for Bikini Shop, doesn't concern me as I'm fully aware that a story in such a film is merely an excuse to show lots of pretty beach girls running around in bikinis throughout. I recognize many viewers will disregard a film like Bikini Shop and for good reason because it doesn't have a whole lot to say and will not change your way of life.

It doesn't testify of the human condition in a grand, sweeping scale. It's Bikini Shop Sex movie about two brothers, polar opposites, one who has graduated from a Chicago business college while the other has been touring the country looking for his calling.

One is neatly dressed, polite, and very smart. The other is a slob, without a doubt. While I Bikini Shop Sex the one brother for his skills as a man who understands order and knows how to approach people with manners and some integrity, I also can embrace his brother for he wants to score with hot chicks and has the looks and charisma to do so.

Like so many wonderful 80's comedies, it has babes, boobs, and a beach. How could I not find something with these attributes at least somewhat appealing? It's one of those movies which fulfill the fantasies Bikini Shop Sex many of us guys share. We dream with picture perfect clarity, smiling widely, about the idea of running a bikini shop, with three mega-watt hot salesgirls, Bikini Shop Sex along a beach, always surrounded by girls on every turn. Two brothers, Alan and Todd Michael David Wright and Bruce Greenwood are given possession of a faltering bikini shop from their aunt who passed away.

Todd wishes to operate it. The threat to this harmonious dream is a thoroughly loathsome only child who always gets what she wants from her rich father. She's one of those types who insists on controlling her men, whether it's her boyfriend or father. She's perfectly Bikini Shop Sex by Debra Blee as the villain for you hate her upon seeing her.

It takes a special skill to instantly repel without even opening your mouth, only to be even worse once you talk. When it came to casting Jane, the filmmakers did one hell of a job, because you can't even imagine how annoying this bitch is until you get a load of her for yourself. Her every grating moment on screen has you wondering what could possibly motivate Alan to get with her. Todd's my kind of guy. I mean, seeing Greenwood as this exuberant kid, never wearing a shirt, with jean shorts, grinning ear to ear every time a chick passes by, it's kind of odd.

I mean, seriously, this is Bikini Shop Sex guy who portrayed JFK for Chrissakes! Michael David Wright is Alan, the more mature and level-headed brother who Bikini Shop Sex, or so he thinks, to have a balanced life without hang-ups, but he's on the cusp of attaching himself to a leech who'll suck him dry. Ronnie Barbara Horan who is major yummy is one of three salesgirls working at the shop when Alan and Todd arrive to run the business.

Ronnie has dreams of designing bikinis and becomes Alan's love interest, for he has fantasies of making out with her, only they are often interrupted by the tyrant ruining his potential future if she gets her grip into him.

Frank Nelson is the brothers' agent, Remington, doggedly working to pursue someone willing to buy the bikini shop.

The Aunt, Ida, had left the business strapped for cash due to her lavish lifestyle. I imagine that a film such as this will get lost in amongst the army of bikini sex comedies that had littered the theaters and home video during the 80's. One thing's for Bikini Shop Sex, there's no shortage of babes in this flick.

I'm as superficial as it gets when it comes to these movies.

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